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This recording is recorded in French. And it is put together wonderfully.
  • Valjean- Robert Marien
  • avert- Patrick Rocca
  • Fantine- Louise Pitre
  • Young Cosette- Aurelie LeBarbe
  • Mme. Thenardier- Marie-France Roussel
  • Young Eponine- Anne-Laure Grondin
  • Gavroche- Alexis Tomassian
  • Eponine- Stephanie Martin
  • Enjolras- Julien Combey
  • Marius- Jerome Pradon
  • Cosette- Marie Zamora
A wonderful recording. They act out the roles so well. And all the songs are full of power and emotion. All though I would have wished more emotion out of Marie Zamora (Cosette).

Stephanie Martin (Eponine) is one of the best Eponine's. Her "On My Own" is full of power and emotion. Her voice is also spectacular. And I wish there was more of her singing. Her voice is much less sharp and less tinny then Francis Ruffelle's, so anyone who highly dislikes Francis will possibly adore Stephanie.

All the cast is great, and those of you wanting a French recording, I recommend this recording. It is one of the best (and my favorite).