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This is a Les Mis timeline, brought to you by me, and written by Presse Pocket. For those of you that do not know where I got this timeline, I got it from the back of my French Les Miserables (vol. 3) book.

Novel Events


1739 The birth of M. Myriel (Bishop)

1740 The birth of M. Gillenormand (Marius' Grandfather)

1752 The birth of M. Mabeuf

1767 The birth of Georges Pontmercy

1769 The birth of Jean Valjean

1773 The birth of Thenardier

1775 Javert's birth

1785 The birth of Mlle. Gillenormand (Marius' Mother)

1787 The birth of Felix Tholomeys (Fantine's lover)

1788 The birth of Mme. Thenardier

1794 Valjean becomes the caretaker of his sisters 7 children. (I think...)

1795 (Winter) Valjean steals a loaf of bread and gets arrested.

1796 (April 22nd) Valjean is sentenced to 5 years in prison.

(May 19th) Valjean arrives at Toulon

Fantine is born in Montreuil-sur-Mer

1800 Jean Valjean hears some news of his sister for the last time.

1802 Jean Valjean tries to escape for the 2nd time

1803 Javert begins work at Toulon

L'aigle (Bossuet) is born

1804 M. Myriel becomes the cure at Brignoles

1805 Joly is born

1806 M. Myriel goes to Digne

Valjean tries to escape for the 3rd time

Enjolras is born

Fantine leaves M - sur - M

1807 Courfeyrac is born

1809 Valjean tries to escape for the 4th time

1810 Marius is born

1811 Fantine is in Paris

1815 Waterloo

Thenardier finds Georges Pontmercy, etc...

Mme. Pontmercy's death

Marius is put in the hands of M. Gillenormand

(October) Valjean is set free and goes to Digne, etc...

Cosette and Eponine are born

(December) Valjean is in M-sur-M

1816 Azelma is born

1817 Valjean (M. Madeline) starts a factory in M-sur-M

Georges Pontmercy is "exiled" in Vernon

(August) Fantine is abandoned by Tholomeys

1818 (May) Fantine leaves Cosette with the Thenardiers

1819 Jean Valjean (M. Madeline) refuses the Legion of Honor and being promoted to mayor

1820 Javert becomes the inspector at M-sur-M

Valjean saves Fauchelevent

(Winter) Gavroche is born

1821 (the start of the year) M. Myriel dies

(end of winter) Fantine looses her job at the factory

1822 (fall) Champmatieu is arrested for stealing apples. He is identified as "Jean Valjean"

1823 (beginning of January) Fantine resorts to prostitution. Bamabatabois and her get into a fight, and Fantine is arrested by Javert. Jean Valjean (M. Madeline) saves her from certain imprisonment.

(February) Champmatieu's trial, etc...

Fantine's death

(July) Jean Valjean is sent to prison.

(November 16th) Valjean is escapes from Toulon

(December 24th) Valjean finds Cosette at the well in M-sur-M.

(December 25th) Valjean pays for Cosette and leaves for the Gorbeau House.

1824 (March) Javert reappears into Valjean's life.

Valjean escapes from Javert's view into the convent with Cosette.

1824-1825 Gavroche is born

1825-1826 The birth of Gavroche's two brothers

1827 Georges Pontmercy's death

1828 Marius discovers his fathers love for him and becomes a "democrate-bonapartiste"

Marius leaves M. Gillenormand to live on his own and takes up shelter with Courfeyrac of the ABC society

1829 Fauchelevent dies

Valjean leaves the convent with Cosette

(October) Valjean takes the name of Ultime Fauchelevent, and moves into Rue Plumet

1830 Marius moves into the Gorbeau house, and meets up with Cosette/Valjean at the Luxembourg Gardens.

1831 Valjean joins the national gaurd.

Marius (after six months) goes back to the Luxembourg gardens.

(June 16th) Marius sees Valjean/Cosette and becomes troubled.

(July 2nd) Marius/Cosette's eyes meet and they fall in love.

Marius begins to "follow" Jean Valjean/Cosette; they leave rue de l'Ouest.

(October) Cosette/Valjean spot the convicts from Toulon.

(February 2nd) Marius finds 4 letters written by Thenardier

(Feb. 3rd, 7 in the morning) Eponine gives a letter from Thenardier to Marius pleading for money.

(late in the morning) Jean Valjean/Cosette meet with the Thenardiers

Marius asks Eponine to find Cosette's address for him.

(2:30 pm) Marius informs Javert of Thenardier's scheme to kill Valjean.

(3 pm) Marius follows Thenardier with two guns.

(6 pm) Valjean comes back to the Gorbeau house and meets Thenardier's nasty surprise. Javert comes in and ruins the surprise with his own. Jean Valjean disappears.

(9 pm) Marius stays at Courfeyracs for the night

(4th of February 7 am) Marius moves into Courfeyrac's "place".

Gavroche finds out that his family is in prison.

After 15 days in detention Eponine finds Cosette's address.

(April) Eponine meets M. Mabeuf and finds Marius at the field of the Lark, and gives him Cosette's address.

Gavroche adopts to "children" who are really his long lost brothers.

(May) Marius and Cosette meet in the garden of Rue Plumet

(June 3rd) "Attack of Rue Plumet" Eponine "chases" off Thenardier and his gang.

(June 4th) Mabeuf sells his books

Marius asks permission to marry Cosette, but M. Gillenormand does not understand Marius's chaste relationship. Marius gives up all hope.

Cosette gives a "boy" (Eponine) a letter to deliver to Marius.

(2 AM) Marius returns to Paris and stays at Courfeyracs.

When he wakes up Courfeyrac tells him of G. Lamarque's death but he doesn't understand, and stays by himself in misery.