Les Miserables
At the Barricade
by, Rabid Eponine Fan (REF)

I love Marius and I liked Eponine
Those Thenardiers sure was mean!
They denied Cosette a life of her own
In the end, Eponine was all alone.

All Eponine wanted was Marius Pontmercy
In her life, she was never shown any sympathy
Cosette won the love of her Marius fair
Over the girl with the dirty, stringy hair.

Poor Fantine worked till she died
She sold her locket, her hair, and her pride.
The Thenardiers treated Cosette like a slave
And never saw her mother to her grave.

ajean was persued by Inspector Javert
Who was a man with very little hair.
Valjean saved his life at the riverbed side
Only to witness Javert's suicide.

The students dreamed of freedom at the barricade
While Cosette ordered tea from her maid.
Marius's heart full of love wasn't Eponine's prize
And in her beloved's arms she fades and dies.

So many lives ended at the barricade
as Gavroche and Enjolras died where they lay.
Valjean went there to save Marius's life
Though his marraige to Cosette caused him much strife.

After the wedding of the happy couple of two
Valjean said, I have something to tell you.
The story you must read when at last I am sleeping
I wish that after my death, there is little weeping.

And beside his bed, Marius held Cosette tight
For they knew Valjean was close to the Light.
Beside the ones he loved, he drew his last breath
And with grace and dignity, he greated his death.

So my friends, take heed to this tale I tell
For someday you may hear me yell
The phrase that was heard at the barricade's fall
Equality, freedom, and liberty to all!!!

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