Age: 20's (I'm not sure)

Sex: Male

Enjolras was a revolutionary. He was the leader of the ABC society of the Cafe Musain. He was all for the republic.

I don't know much about him other then the way he died. There are many Enjolras fans out there so I'm trying to be careful of what I say Please correct me if I am wrong. He was very handsome, but didn't have mistresses. Love wasn't what he was interested in.

Here's the way he died.

After the barricade was defeated and the National Guard was breaking in, Enjolras was fighting with the butt of gun (I think a carbine?). He ran to where Grantaire was beginning to wake up. Just before the Guard shot him, Grantaire stood up and said, "Wait, I'm one of them too". And Grantaire walked over to Enjolras and stood by him. This is were (it isn't said but I believe this) Enjolras
learned what he meant to Grantaire a friend. They both shouted "Vive la republique!" and they were shot.

Enjolras is a hero in many respects.