This is my little Fan Fiction page. If you have any fan fiction please e-mail me. Down below are my only rules.

1. No sexually explicit content (Sorry, Tripod doesn't allow it).
2. Not offensive (racist, illegal, etc...).

If you have any poetry, stories, or just ramblings you would like on my site, e-mail me please. I'll be glad to post them up onto my site. If you want me to spell check the FanFic just tell me. Otherwise I'll just put it right in! *s*

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Stuff by the One and Only Me!:
  • A Small Collection of My Horrible Poetry: That is explains itself. It's just a bunch of terrible poems or rhythmical writings by me.
  • Marius and the Squirrel: An unfinished fan fic, about Marius meeting up with a squirrel on his wedding anniversary. *g* So, I don't know what I was thinking...
  • Marius Pontmercy and Martha Stuart: The first installment of a "Marius goes Network" fanfic series. Marius has some fun with Martha Stuart. I don't know what I was thinking either.
  • Marius Monologue: A rather depressing monologue said by Marius after Cosette movies to "England".
  • Felice And the Lilac: Not wholly dedicated to Les Mis. It's about one of my Role Play characters, Felice. And my other RP character, Liliah. One of those sad stories.
  • 'Thy Questions: Marius, Cosette, Eponine, Enjolras, Javert, Gavroche in Heaven. It's a comedy of sorts. (:
  • La Morte D'Alouette: The roles of Cosette and Eponine are switched at the barricade
  • The Real Toronto: They die, they go to... Toronto?

Stuff by the One and only You!:
  • Les Amis, a Synposis: by, Etienne Noret. A poem about the students. Very cool, all the reasons why I love the students.
  • Dilemma: by, Etienne Noret. A very sweet poem about the barricade. Feelings on love, basically.
  • The Dream of Enjolras: by, Etienne Noret. The title speaks for itself, I think. It's a poem about Enjolras's dream.
  • After the Barricades: by, Etienne Noret. A poem about Enjolras's thoughts (and Patria) after the fall/death of the barricade.
  • Gentle Hands, Tiny Fans: by, nicole_enjolras. A poem about Feuilly, very sweet! Then again I'm a sucker for Feuilly. (:
  • The Scent of a Rose: by, nicole_enjolras. A poem about Fantine, I think. A different perspective for this poet, but very good as usual.
  • Look What I've Got: by, nicole_enjolras. A poem from the perspective of Eponine speaking to Marius.
  • Look At Me: by, nicole_enjolras. Another poem from the pov of Eponine asking people their opinion of her, kind of (there's more to it than that).
  • Who Are You?: by, Eponine. A poem spoken by Eponine about Marius writen by a very good poet, imho. (:
  • In My Dreams: by, Eponine. Eponine Thenardier singing about her love for Marius.
  • If He Only Knew Me: by, Eponine. A song from the pov of Eponine singing about Marius.
  • Thy Love: by, Eponine. A poem from the pov of Eponine speaking about Marius.
  • Time To Let Go: by, Eponine. A poem from the pov of Eponine speaking of her love for Marius.
  • A Promise Kept: by, Eponine. Another poem about Marius an
  • A Rose In Misery: by, Eponine. The title says it all.
  • A World of Happiness: by, Eponine. A poem from the pov of Eponine.
  • Remembering Eponine: by, Eponine. A poem from the P.O.V. of Marius about Eponine. Very sweet. (:
  • My Marius: by, Eponine. A poem from the P.O.V. of Eponine about Marius.
  • Eponine Limericks: by, Eponine. Just what the title says it is. (:
  • 'Ponine's Death: by, Jenni. A very short poem from Eponine's perspective while she's dying.
  • Every Day I Love You More: by, Rachel. A fictional letter to Marius from Eponine. Saying thanks and the rest is explained by the title. (:
  • Me and My Sister: by, Rachel. Eponine and Azelma talk about one another. Short but sweet. (:
  • Him: by, Rachel. Another poem from Eponine's perspective.
  • Eponine Is Dead: by, Rachel. A very good poem from the pov of Marius about Eponine's death.
  • Life: by, Rachel. A free-verse poem from Eponine's pov.
  • My World: by, Rachel. A monologue (?) from the pov of Eponine.
  • Midnight Birthday: A short story concerning Feuilly, very very sweet.
  • All For One by, nicole_enjolras: Quite a revolutionary poem, I must say. It speaks for the students and they dreams of liberty.
  • Why? by, Shannon M.: A poem written from the POV of Eponine
  • Where Are They Now? by, nicole_enjolras: A poem written about the barricade after the battle.
  • Now Look by, nicole_enjolras: A poem about Eponine speaking about Marius and her unrequited love.
  • Me Life by, nicole_enjolras: A poem written from the POV of Gavroche, an uplifting poem. (:
  • A Heart Filled With Gold, by Jan: A three chapter fan fiction surrounding a doctor and the barricades.
  • I Think by, nicole_enjolras: An Eponine poem speaking of her unrequited love, Marius, et al. Very sweet.
  • I Am Lost by, Jessica: A very talented writer, I must say. A wonderful Eponine poem.
  • A Police Academy parody, by Jolllly: Ah, quite amusing! (Gavroche fans, beware!). Gavy is the head of the Parisian mafia! The Students are planning to monopolize the Paris Police.
  • A Ballad of Jolllly, by Jolllly: A humorous ballad about everyone's favorite hypochondriac, Joly. (; If Only..., by Nicole Enjolras: A more musical-based fan fic, on Enjolras' love for a girl (Nicole)
  • After The Smoke by, Nicole Enjolras: A wonderful post-barricade poem.
  • An Eponine Monologue by Stefanie: A great monologue from Eponine's point of view on her love for Marius.
  • Fantine Poem by Chantal: A very good poem written about Fantine.
  • Trixi Fan Fiction by Gavy14: I haven't yet had time to read this but from what I've heard it's about a girl (Trixi) and Enjolras.
  • Fan Fiction by Gavy14: A good fanfiction about a girl (Daphna) who meets up with a boy (Gavroche).
  • Untitled: A parody of sorts. Very short, yet some how satisfying carol