Fan Fiction
by, Gavy14

I look in both directions. The street I am standing on is made of cobblestone, making me even more confused. Where am I? There is a large crowd ahead of me, so I go to see what is going on. Maybe someone here can help me figure out what happened, I think to myself. I push past a few people enough to see a handsome man standing on a platform and some people around him. He was saying something about revolution, and the government. A few people around me were whispering things, but mostly people were cheering. Suddenly I stopped concentrating on the people and noticed their clothing. They were wearing old clothing that looked like something you would wear in the 1800’s. One woman looked at me strangely. I could see a group of woman in old dresses there I was in jeans and a white T-shirt. "’Miss, excuse me, you look confused. Come, you can stay with me...I will get you some clothes, and give you a place to stay for the night." I nodded a thank you to the woman and took one last glance at the man speaking on the platform. At that minute, our eyes met, and I had a hard time tearing my eyes away. Finally, he went back to watching the crowd. I shook my head and became more confused than ever.

Back at the woman’s house I attempted to explain what had happened. "I was at my home, watching T.V, and suddenly the screen went blank...I stood to fix it and, something must have happened. I blacked out and when I opened my eyes again, I was here. What year is it?"

"1879...I am Eponine. I know nothing of these TV’s of which you speak, but here, take these clothes, and be careful with them. I borrowed them from my neighbors until we can buy you some clothes of your own. I saw you looking at that man earlier. That was Enjolras. He and his friend Marius are planning a revolution. There is only one person in the government that gives us any consideration, that’s General Lamarque. Unfortunately he is quite ill, and will probably die soon. Enjolras believes this is the time to act. He has been out there every day at the same time trying to gain the people’s help and support. The turn outs are great, and the number of volunteers are steadily increasing. But come, you look weary. You can sleep in here for the night. Later, I will take you to meet some friends. I doubt any of them will know how to help you, but you are welcome to stay with me for as long as you like." She handed me a few pieces of clothing and then shut the door to the room. I heard the door open and a man’s voice. I wanted to listen but was too tired to keep my eyes opened and concentrate. I shut my eyes and slept.

When I woke up, the sun was just about to go down. I shook my head to clear the grogginess and sat up. I found the clothing Eponine had given to me and quickly changed into them. If I wasn’t going to go home anytime soon I should at least try to fit in. I opened the door to my room and found Eponine pulling on a trench coat. She smiled when she saw me. "Ah, that’s much better. I was just heading out to the Cafe. I was going to let you sleep and take you another time, but since you are awake you can join me, if you like."

"I’d love to! Will that man from before be there?" She smiled.

"Oh, has my young friend taken a liking to Enjolras?" She laughed. "But of course. No doubt he will be there, trying to gain more support and planning his revolution. But come, we should be going. What is your name?"

"Oh," I felt strange, not having introduced myself properly. "My name’s Samantha."

"Strange name. Sorry, I mean, not like the name’s we have. It must be foreign. I will call you Daphna, it will lower the suspicion. You must meet my brother Gavroche. He will like you, I am sure of it! And you will like him."

"I hope so. Who is Marius? You mentioned him before."

"Marius," she stopped. We walked in silence for a minute and I wondered if I had brought up a touchy subject. "Marius is a good friend. He lives in the Gorbeau building, down the hall from me. He stopped by earlier, after you were asleep." I remembered the man’s voice I had heard. Now I was even more curious. I thought about all the things I had learned in just this short time being here...but where was here? "Where exactly are we?"

"Paris, my friend. See there? That is were Enjolras is planning on building his barricade. No doubt the day is soon. As I mentioned Lamarque is very ill and doesn’t have much longer. But let us talk of happier things. You seem like a very kind girl. Very brave are lost and yet have maintained control very well. I don’t know if I could stay as calm as you have. I’m sorry that there is so little chance of you going home, however."

"It’s all right." I thought about it for a minute. Eponine was very kind to me, treating me better than my own family does. And there is no one like Enjolras anywhere back home. "I think, that I would be much happier staying here. Let’s not mention me going home. Right now I want to live here."

"That is good. You can stay with me for as long as possible. Look, there is the Cafe. Hurry, let’s run...we are late." We ran across the street and into the Cafe. Heads turned to look, and then turned back to their tables. "Stay close to me, Daphna." I nodded and followed Eponine to a small group of tables in the corner. Eponine took a seat next to a handsome man, and nodded to the chair next to her. I sat down, and waited to see what was going to happen next.

Enjolras approached our table, and I shook with nervousness. He looked from Eponine, to me, and then back to Eponine. "Who is this?"

"This is my friend Daphna. She has come to learn more about our fight. She wants to help." He nodded.

"Daphna, I am Enjolras." I shook his hand, too much in awe to say anything more. Eponine laughed and elbowed me to snap me out of it. "Gavroche!" A boy about my age, maybe a year or two younger approached the table. "Take Daphna with you. She’s new her around a little."

"But...I wanted to stay here and help!" Enjolras looked at me.

"You are much too young to get caught up in this. Gavroche, go!" Gavroche took my hand, but I pulled away. "I’m old enough to know that I want to stay here!"

"This isn’t a game Daphna...we are planning a revolution. Lives are lost in battles like could be killed just for being seen with us. I don’t want to be responsible for the lives of young children as well as older men. Now, go!"

"But..." Eponine touched my arm, jerking my attention away.

"I’ll talk to him, Daphna...but for now, just go with Gavroche. We are accomplishing nothing fighting like this." I sighed and looked at Enjolras with anger. I turned and stormed out of the Cafe, not even waiting for Gavroche. I was so mad! He thought of me as a young fragile child who could do nothing for myself. I walked fast and tried to calm down. Gavroche finally caught up with me. "Aw, don’t be mad...he’s always like that. Why do you think he told me to take you sight seeing? He won’t let me stay there either. He thinks if we aren’t there that we won’t want to fight. I plan on showing up at the barricades anyway. You can come with me if you want. Hey, I got an idea...follow me!"

"Where are we going?" I yelled as he grabbed my hand and began running.

"You’ll see!"


"But Enjolras, she’s old enough to take care of herself! She wants to help! You can’t turn her down, that’s another hand that could be helping to win our independence!"

"Eponine, she’s a child! If she were to die..."

"I will keep her a safe distance from the barricade! She wants to do her part! Why can’t you just..."

"The answer is no! I have work to do...I don’t want to hear another word about Daphna tonight!" He stood to his feet and prepared for the meeting to start. Eponine sighed..."Sometimes he can be so stubborn!" She thought out loud.

"He’s only doing what’s best for the girl. As the leader he feels he has to protect as many people as possible. I know you know that." Eponine looked up into the face of Marius.

"I’s just that she wants to help so badly. I do not doubt she will try to help anyway. I suppose I see where he is coming from though. I want to keep her alive also, but I cannot stop her from trying to stand for something she truly believes in." She sighs. "I don’t know what to do."


"Gavroche, where are we going?"

"To see General Lamarque...he’s going to die soon, and asked about you. He saw you earlier today, at the gathering. It must be important. Hurry!" He grabbed my arm again and began running. He stopped in front of a large building. "Here we are...hurry!" He opened the door and pulled me into the house. A somewhat large maid met us at the entrance. "Excuse me, monsieur, but you are too late!"

"What do you mean?" Gavroche looked puzzled. I understood what the maid was trying to tell him but couldn’t bring myself to tell him what she meant.

"I’m sorry, Monsieur Gavroche, but General Lamarque passed away late this afternoon."

"What?" I saw the tears form in his eyes but he wiped them away quickly. "Now what? What did he want to tell you? They’ll pay for this....all of them!" Gavroche paused for only a second, then flew out the door. I looked at the maid, who seemed genuinely upset for the little boy. I stood there for a moment, not quite sure what to do. Then, I turned away sadly and walked out the door. Gavroche, however, was no where in sight! I had gotten lost once today, and I didn’t like the thought of being lost again....especially in a big city like Paris.


"It’s time we began our fight my friends. There is much work we need to do, and not much time to do it. We have to get the people’s attention...but how? I say we..."

"Listen to me!!!" Gavroche stood in the doorway of the Cafe. All eyes were on him. "General Lamarque is dead!" one moved. Enjolras looked deeply did the rest of the group. Gavroche stood for a moment longer, then took a seat next to Eponine. "Gavroche, where is Daphna?"


"Daphna...the girl that was with you when you left here! Tell me she is with you?" The little boy just sat there, completely stunned. Enjolras overheard the conversation and came over to where they were seated. "Where did you last see her?"

" Lamarque’s!"

"What were you doing there? Gavroche I told you to stay out of important things like this!"

"I tried....but Lamarque asked about her today...he said he had to meet her....that she could be important in our battle...I...I didn’t mean to...but when I found out Lamarque died, I ran straight here! I forgot all about her!" Enjolras looked at Gavroche, angrily at first, but then calmly.

"It’s all right. We’ll find her. Let’s go! Marius, you’re in charge for tonight...Ready the people to begin the barricades...the battle begins tomorrow at noon." With that he turned and began his search for Daphna, with Eponine and Gavroche at his heels.


There was no way I could ever find Eponine, or Gavroche, or anyone, for that matter, in a large city like this. Why hadn’t I paid more attention on the way here? Because I was too wrapped up in the excitement, that’s why. I sighed and began walking. I wasn’t sure where I was going, nor did I care. I began to think of what Enjolras had said earlier, about me being too young. Well, this would prove can I take care of myself at a barricade when I can’t even manage to follow a little gamin around the streets? I kicked at the pebbles on the street and stared into the moonlight. I wondered if anyone was looking for me back home? I also wondered if anyone here was looking for me. I gave up on trying to walk and magically find anyone. Instead, I sat down near a lamppost, shut my eyes, and went to sleep.


"Look there, what is it?" Enjolras looked into the darkness near a lamp post.

"Why, it looks like a child. Oh Enjolras do you suppose it’s her? I hope she is all right! See how she does not move! That is not good." The three ran over to the girl under the lamp post. It was in fact Daphna, and Eponine let out a cry. Enjolras gently shook the girl, hoping she was only asleep. Her eyes fluttered open for a minute, then shut again. He picked the girl up and followed Eponine to her home. Deep down he was relieved to have found the girl. He hoped maybe she would find a way into the barricades so that he could keep his eye on her.

Enjolras bid Eponine and Gavroche good night. He took one last look at the strange, sleeping young woman and then headed back to the Cafe to help Marius prepare for the upcoming battle.


I woke up to absolute silence. I shook my head and sat up. I felt awful. Quietly, I slipped out of bed and went into the other little room opposite the bedroom. Once again I found Eponine ready to leave. "Ah you are up. I didn’t wake you did I? I was trying to be quiet. But come, you must get your rest. I am heading out for a while to help build the barricades and assist in any way possible. You, however, must promise me you will stay here. You are not well, and must rest. I will come check on you when and if possible. Now, back to bed with you. And promise me you will stay there?"

"I promise." She looked at me to make sure I was telling the truth. When she was satisfied with my answer, she left.


I tried as hard as possible to stay in bed, but it was no use. I stood and looked out the window. A large mob was headed down the streets. Probably going to the barricades, I thought involuntarily. I looked over in the corner and saw an old trench coat, and an old man’ s hat. It probably belonged to Eponine’s father. I thought about my promise to Eponine. I wanted to do as she asked but it was impossible. I threw on the coat and hat and headed out the door. I had plenty of time to explain things...right now there is a battle to be won.


At the barricades, Enjolras is busy preparing for the battle. His worrying about Daphna had subsided, and almost been forgotten in the string of excitement. But there was still a nagging feeling that something awful was going to happen to her. He remembered talking to Eponine that morning. Hadn’t she said that Daphna promised to stay in bed where she was safe? Enjolras, you need to stop worrying...there will be plenty of time to think about Daphna when this battle is over and we are victorious, he thought to himself. He continued his work and tried his best to forget about the little girl for now.


I walked down the street and instantly found the first barricade. So far no one had bothered to look at me, much less notice that I should not be here. I pulled the coat tighter around me and proceeded to the barricade. I found Gavroche right away, and Enjolras a few moments later. Eponine was no where in sight but I figured she wasn’t allowed near the barricade. I walked among the men who were
preparing to fight. All were confident that we would be successful...I hoped they were right. I had just turned a corner when suddenly a face popped into my view. "So you made it eh? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. I’m warning you though, this is dangerous stuff...not that I doubt you. You can take care of yourself, just like me. Birds of a feather, that’s what we are." I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized it was only Gavroche and not Enjolras. I had to make sure he didn’t see me here. I was a danger to him...he may become distracted and lose his concentration and...

But I couldn’t think of that now. Gavroche laughed. "You thought I was Enjolras, didn’t you? Ah well, sorry if I scared you. Come on, I’ll show you around...after all, it’s me who runs this show!" He took my hand and led me throughout the twists and turns of the crowd, into and out of buildings and so on.


Enjolras sat fooling with his carbine and looking around. He looked out the Cafe window and saw two small figures moving about just outside. He squinted and realized for sure that it was Gavroche and Daphna. He stood to his feet and hurried to the door.


I was listening to Gavroche explain the battle plan for that night as best I could. However, I was also very jumpy. I was afraid that Enjolras would come and get angry with me for showing up when I had promised to stay in bed. So when the door to the Cafe opened I turned around quickly. It was Enjolras! I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do! Gavroche quickly threw me a hooded cloak, which I threw on quickly. Enjolras approached us and I held my breath in fear. "Who’s this friend of yours Gavroche?"

"Oh, just some kid I picked up on the streets. He’s very strong, and wants to help." I looked up from underneath the hood quick enough to see Enjolras look at me. He squinted and then his face turned sad. "All right, just make sure to stay out of the way." I wanted to scream out to him as he walked away but I didn’t. I was about to chase after him when there was a shouting from outside the barricade. It was a National Guardsman. He was trying to convince us to give up our fight. I saw Enjolras stand up above the crowd and announce that we would fight to the end. I was filled with pride, and had to do all I could to hold in the excitement. "Come on! We’re missing all the fun!" Gavroche grabbed my wrist and led me along to the front of the barricade. Men were holding all sorts of guns and listening for Enjolras to give the final signal. He caught sight of me and Gavroche and came down. I thought he was going to yell, but he didn’t. Instead, he said this, "Gavroche, you and your friend are can go out without being seen! Go, see what is going on beyond the smoke. Hurry!"

"Ahh, I see little people are good for something then after all. Well, come on then, we have a job to do, and we mustn’t disappoint the general." He gave a military salute and a second later was pulling me along again. With one hand I held onto him and with the other I held on to the hood of the cloak to keep it from falling off. A few moments later Gavroche and I were outside of the safety of the barricade. "Gavroche!" I whispered.

"Shh! Be careful, stay close to me! Isn’t this exciting?" He turned back and concentrated on his mission. "Stay here!" I stopped and hid in a doorway as he proceeded. I sighed and was about to sit down to rest when I heard Gavroche yelling out, "Daph, run!" I turned to see a National Guard going at Gavroche with a baronet. What should I do? I couldn’t just turn and leave! Instead, I stooped and picked up a rock and threw it at the Guard. He looked up, and left Gavroche to come after me. I watched long enough to make sure he was out of danger and then I ran. I thought I was out of danger when all of a sudden I tripped. I let out a cry of fear, but Gavroche didn’t notice, and instead ran past me. I turned to look up and saw a Guard right above me. I closed my eyes and waited to die. Suddenly, a pair of strong hands lifted me up and back into the safety of the barricade. I looked back to see the Guard fall as someone shot him. I let out a sigh of relief and turned to thank the man that rescued me. I was stopped short when I found that it was Enjolras. "What do you think you are doing here?" I looked into his eyes with embarrassment. I expected to see anger, but instead, found concern.

"I, I wanted to help...and I did! Gavroche...he’s OK right?" At that statement Gavroche walked up next to me and tipped his cap. "Thanks a lot saved me life! Without you I would have been torn to shreds!" I looked at Enjolras proudly, but the pride disappeared after his next words. "Stay out of the way from now on! I have enough to worry about...I don’t need some kid taking up all my thoughts...the revolution has begun. Now, Gavroche, take her away, and keep her away." I stood with tears forming in my eyes. I turned and ran into the Cafe. Gavroche ran after me and took my hand. "Daph, you’re bleeding! Come ‘ere...we’ll get you fixed up." I looked at my hand. It had been cut up badly, but I couldn’t remember how. I didn’t much care anyway, I was still thinking about the words Enjolras had said to me and it was all I could do to keep from bursting into tears. Gavroche ran and took some cloth and something to clean out the wound. He cleaned it and wrapped it with expertise. I smiled and thanked him, and he took me down to the basement. He told me to sit down on the couch and to get some sleep. I did, mainly because I was extremely tired.


"Enjolras!" He turned to see his dear friend Marius.

"You decided to join the fight after all? Well, I just told everyone to get some sleep. The enemy is gone, but they’ll be back at dawn, and then we’ll be ready for them. His thoughts left the barricade and began to concentrate on Daphna. He had thought the friend of Gavroche’s was her, until Gavroche described her to be a boy. He couldn’t believe he had fallen for it. Then, when he saw the
cloak fall from her head when she was running, he felt as though he had been shot. She had saved Gavroche’s life...but almost at the expense of her own. That took courage, and made him finally see her as more than a fragile little girl.

"Enjolras! What is troubling you? You seem so distant! Maybe you should rest too. I will take over here. Go!" He looked into Marius’s eyes.

"Thank are a very good friend." He stood and left. However, he did not go to find a place to sleep, but instead, almost involuntarily, went to find Daphna to make sure that she was OK.

He slowly and quietly crept down the stairs. He didn’t have to look hard. He found her asleep on the couch with Gavroche. He smiled and headed back out to the barricade.


I woke up to the sound of gunshots. I looked over and saw that Gavroche was already at the barricade. I jumped up and grabbed the cloak off the floor. I pulled it around me tightly and headed upstairs. I blinked as I walked out into the early morning light. I found Gavroche and ran over to him. "Ah there you are! Good morning Mademoiselle."

"What’s going on? What are you doing?"

"I hoped you would get up are missing all the fun. Many Guards have fallen, and some are still falling as we speak. The ammunition is running low though, and that’s why I have these baskets. Here," he handed me a basket. "Come on, we’re going to collect some ammo. I will go first, then you follow. It’s easy!" He grabbed my hand and we once again left the safety of the barricade. I was afraid, but at the same time happy. I was finally able to do my part for the barricade. Gavroche took his basket and crept out onto the street and began searching the dead bodies for cartridges. I hesitated, but finally joined him, jumping in and out of doorways.

When I had finished I had at least thirty cartridges. I hid in a doorway to count them, and watched as Gavroche continued to collect the cartridges. Suddenly, I saw something. It was a Guard, and he was aiming for Gavroche. I looked from the Guard, to Gavroche, and back again. I saw the Guard’s finger slowly move until it was just about to shoot. I couldn’t stand by and watch my best friend die! I ran out into the street and pushed Gavroche out of the way. I felt something hit me, but my senses were dulled. "Come, on, it’s time for us to exit!" Gavroche picked me up and we made it out of the street. I handed him my cartridges and tried hard to walk on my own. By now I was incredibly weak from loss of blood. "My God! Your hurt!" Gavroche made sure we were inside the barricade and then put down our baskets. He practically carried me to the Cafe, where the kitchen had been turned into a hospital. A tall woman helped me onto a bed and immediately began to work on me. "I’ll be back as soon as I can!" With that, Gavroche was gone. I couldn’t help but wonder if that would be the last time I saw his smiling face.


Enjolras was too busy preparing for the next fight to see Gavroche drag Daphna out into the streets at first. But he couldn’t help but look when he heard Gavroche’s happy mocking. When he saw that he was out in the streets, he was a bit concerned but knew Gavroche could take care of himself. When he saw Daphna in the streets with him, however, he became a little worried. He watched more closely and prayed that she made it out alive. He breathed a sigh of relief when she finally took safety in the doorway. Then he saw the Guard aiming at Gavroche and his heart stopped. He didn’t want to call out and make the Guard shoot too early. Instead he watched in horror as his young friend and innocent child was about to be shot. There was nothing he, nor anyone else could do. He had completely forgotten about Daphna until he saw her jump out from the doorway and pushed Gavroche out of the way, no doubt getting injured in the process. A number of things happened after that, tying him up so that he couldn’t make it into the Cafe to check on her. He was about to go into the hospital when Gavroche strolled out whistling and handed him a basket of cartridges. "Gavroche, how is she?"

"Who? Oh, Daphna? Did you see ‘ow she just jumped right outta there and saved me? I’m scared though...I don’t want her to die!" At the sound of these words Enjolras jumped to his feet and hurried to the Cafe.


I was lying on the stretcher thinking about my last few hours here. My life was perfect, absolutely perfect. For once in my life I had people who actually cared about me! I had never known the kind of love they had shown me. They accepted me without any questions, which I was amazed by. They could have let me walk around with no home, food, friends, or hope. Instead one woman decided to take the chance and invited me to her home, saying I could stay as long as necessary. No one back home had ever reached out to help another human being, at least, none of the people I had known. All this thinking made me tired and I decided to sleep for a while.


Enjolras made his way down to the kitchen/hospital located inside the Cafe. He was shaking, but didn’t show it in the least. He found the girl asleep on a stretcher in the corner. He approached one of the woman caring for the wounded. "How is she? Will she make it?" She looked at him through kind eyes.

"Honestly sir, I don’t know. The wound is pretty bad, but there is no way to know for sure. I’m sorry." He stood, not saying anything for a moment. Then he nodded a thank you and went over to Daphna. He brushed the hair out of her eyes and say down beside her. He took her hand in his and said a silent prayer. Dear God don’t let this innocent child die! Take me instead, for I have lived my life. Give her more time! This is all my fault! Why, why did I let her come here? I should have sent her away the minute I saw her. But no, she deserved to do as she willed. But... His thoughts were broken when he saw her eyes flutter open. She looked at him and smiled. "Ah, the Lord has fulfilled my last request. I may die in peace knowing that you did, in some way, care about me." She struggled with her last breath, and then fell back against her pillow. She had died happy. Enjolras held her hand a moment longer and then, after covering her head with her blanket, proceeded back to the barricade to finish the battle. He would fight not only for his country, and for his freedom, but also for Daphna.

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