by, Gavroche T.

Disclaimer: Just because it SAYS Poems doesn't acutaly mean this page contains poems of "mine". Frankly, I don't write poems I just call them poems. These "poems" by no means are actually related to poetry which has meaning and some form of rhyming.

So, if you want to read and see that I have no poetic skills what so ever, go right ahead. By the way, the little red dotted things below separate the different "poems". (:

To be honest, I just got bored one day and wrote the first one with magnetic poetry. I was having fun with annoying lyrics! HAHA! *gg*

If you only knew
If you only saw
If you only knew my soul
if you only knew my heart
You would know how I feel
If you only knew my soul
You would know my guilt

I see you walking by
I see you blush with l'amour
I see your every movement
I feel my soul tremble with fear
I feel my heart sink with guilt

I can feel your heart beating for her
I feel your soul burning with passion
I see your eyes gazing at her

If you only saw me
If you only felt me
If you only loved me
I would love you forever
I would fly high above Paris
I would be your one and only

But you do not see me

You see her instead
You see her beauty seeping in her soul
Her ivory skin and sapphire eyes
She sends chills down your spine

My dirt and tatters blind you
Her voice and charm enchant you

Why don't you see me?
Take a look at me
do I look like her?
a rich bougeoisie?
No of course not I'm a pauper

You are my Euphoria
And when she leaves you'll be left with me
You will be left with me

But I will be here
I will be there
I will see you there
Your heart and soul lost with her
Lost without her

Your soul will fly away and die
The water turns red with blood
The knot slips and the rope clamps down

You now see my guilt
You know now my crime
The blood on the walls and tapestry
the serpent entwined around her neck

Your heart fails and dies
as you wither away

You know now
You know my guilt now
You are with her, I'll join you
as eternal souls
I take my heart now
the knife in place of the arrow


There’s a grief
There’s a pain
There’s a soul.
What is invisible
Is not a choice
It’s a pride
That stands in the way

My life
My hope
My dreams
Are not yet yours
What you take
What you stab
Is not my life
But my heart
The eyes water
The eyes dry
The wounds heal
My life is not to take
My life is my own
It belongs to me
and my home*
Too bad I take my life
From the loss of her
With your blade

*Home= Heaven.

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