I Am Lost
by, Jessica

I have a love,
He's tall and brave.
I think of him
And a warmth surrounds me.
I see him
But he doesn't see me there.
I am lost.

I walk around
Pondering my misfortune,
Wondering how my life could have been.
I see it all before me,
Two paths to follow that will never meet.
I am lost.

My heart shattered
When they met.
Sparks flew when vows of love were made
In their magical garden.
My eyes failed me as I looked in from outside.
I am lost.

I am not a stranger to the rain.
For I live in it.
He's only mine
In my dreams, on my own.
At night I live in my own world;
In the morning I stand there again all alone.
He dreams only of his love
Not ever to be me.
I sleep now and my unrequited love
Will be forever lost.

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