Les Miserables
If He Only Knew Me
A song by Eponine

If he only knew me,
If he knew what I have thought,
he would join me in this battle,
this bloody war I fought.

But he would never know me,
our paths are not the same.
Whatever feelings I've had for him,
it all was just a game.....

If I only knew him,
I won't regret the things I've said.
All the letters I've delivered,
all my thoughts he's ever read.....

But what I'm thinking of right now,
I know can never be,
for we come from different worlds,
something we both can see.

If we only knew each other,
if on this we could agree,
I would learn so much from him
and he would learn from me.......

If he only knew me,
if he imagined how I feel.......
untill then, I must pretend,
my true self I must conceal.
If he only,
if he only knew me.......
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