The Adventures of Marius and Martha Stuart
by, Gavroche T.

*Note: I will hopefully have more to this later.

(Audience clapping)

Martha: (she walks out onto the stage, and behind a long craft table) Welcome to the show today! On today’s show we will learn how to make center pieces for dinner parties, using a variety of things around the house. And to help us we have a special guest from the classic novel, Marius Pontmercy. Come on out Marius!

(Marius walks out carefully, following orders by the directors and stagehands)

Martha: Welcome to the show Marius

Marius: (stands there wide-eyed)

Martha: (ahem) Well, how are you today, Marius?

Marius: I’m good, thank you. (He says while looking strangely at all of the crafting equipment, looking back up.) Oh, yes, how are you?

Martha: (Cheesy smile) I’m very well thank you. Now tell me, Marius, have you done any crafting before?

Marius: Crafting? (Scratches his head, clears his throat trying to think.)

Martha: Oh, well this must be your first time! Well, then Marius how would you like to make center pieces for a dinner party?

Marius: What?...well uh, I guess. What sort of dinner party?

Martha: Oh any type of dinner party! A wedding party, a baby dinner party, any kind at all. Anniversary...(she goes on babbling off different types of dinner parties)

Marius: (while she goes on babbling he looks around aimlessly for a way out of this place. Looking up, he is blinded by the bright stage lights.)

Martha: Oh! Well then, I guess we should start. Marius, take that piece of floral foam...

Marius: (he stares at a table full of stuff. Floral foam? Wha's floral foam? Trembling he just looks at the stage hands for help....then over to Martha who is holding a green block. He looks around and finds one.)

Martha: (once Marius takes a block of floral foam) All right, now lets take some flowers. Baby’s breath, roses, and...maybe some white carnations. (She takes a small bundle of each.)

Marius: (He knows what roses are, so he takes a few, and some of those white little things, and some other white flowers that look somewhat like Martha’s.)

Martha: Now we'll stick the flowers into the floral foam, like this...(she places the flowers into the foam in a crafty manner.)

Marius: (looks at the flowers then at the foam..Stick them INTO the foam? What the heck was he doing here? Why not just go to the flower shop and BUY a center piece? But he does stick a rose into the foam, which makes it look quite silly. Thus, he just watches her make the center piece, as he decides just to lay the foam/flowers aside

Martha: (Has made a massive center piece out of sticks, fake birds, flowers, lace, and who knows what else.) Well, we're done! How about you Marius? What have you made?

Marius: (Oh no, she wants to know what HE has made? Ideas for escape were running out, everyone was looking at him. He decides to play dumb.) I um...I just made this bouquet. (He reaches behind him and grabs a handful of flowers.)

Martha: OH! How beautiful! I just love how it looks so... tossed together! How on earth did you come up with that? Now audience...isn't this so much more lovely then those center pieces you can buy at the store? And cheaper too. (cheesy smile)

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