Marius Monologue
by, Gavroche Thenardier

To think that I am alive? Or should I think there is nothing more. But to have no reason to live is to be dead. Or am I wrong? This girl that I have known, this girl that I have loved. She is gone! How the pain surges through the bottom of my soul into my throat, into my eyes. The searing pain in my soul burns my eyes, causing my tears to fall and hit my tattered clothes. Why would this girl love me anyway? All I am is a pauper...and her? She has a halo over her locks of hair. Why must this happen to her? She deserves more love then I can offer. All the gold and silk of China. I cannot give her anything. But I love her...and I never told her. But why haven't I? Because how can I give my word if I do not know if I can keep it? There she goes off to England. I wish the best for her. But how can she do this to me? Leave my hanging on a rope with out a hand to hold on to? Does she love me or does she lie? My heartaches of a dagger. A dagger from the words "I'm moving to England." That is the dagger that goes through my heart, and into my lung. I cannot breathe with out her. And only when I see her can that dagger be lifted from my heart. And there she will be by my side again. Alas, I lie to myself she is gone. Gone for happier times in England. I look back in my life before her and I see nothing but pain. Those years I sat in my apartment translating articles and refusing money from my Grandfather. All those years were in waste! What good did I do to society? I sat and did nothing for the world. And the world did nothing for me! But Cosette...oh Cosette...she did everything for me. Brought life and cheer into my life. She brought my head out of the clouds and showed me a world full of happiness! And it was all splendid. It was like a waltz. The birds sang the music and Cosette and I danced to our delight! But the dance got too fast, and our hands broke loose...with those words uttered from her lips "I have to go to England..." They are all unclear and the wind blew on the trees my soul went into my throat, and I couldn't breathe. I must have upset her so with my angered words, and's all over. My Grandfather will not allow us to get married, and she has moved. Across those sees to England...and here I sit with nothing left to live for. So, I'll keep my word with out her, I shall die.

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