Marius Pontmercy

Age: 18-21
Sex: Male
Description: Tall, Brown Hair, handsome (opinion *g*).

Marius is my favorite character. He is sweet, loyal, brave, quiet, and a dreamer. Yet he is most often totally misunderstood. Here's his biography. Marius was a baron, he got that from his father (who fought in waterloo). He lived with his grandfather because his grandfather did not want Marius to be a republican, and took Marius away from his father. Marius lived a hard live with his grandfather because his grandfather didn't want to admit he had a deep passion for Marius, so he called Marius names and treated him badly.

When Marius learned more of his father (after he died) he wanted to remember him always so he turned Bonapartist (someone who favoured Napoleon Bonaparte's regime). And so his grandfather kicked him out (well Marius left). And went off and got himself an apartment.

Later on he runs in to the Students of the L'ABC society, a division of it, lead by Enjolras.

To earn money he learned German and English and translated German into English, for articles.

On his walks he would walk by a girl on the bench with her 'father' Which was Jean Valjean. Soon their eyes met and they fell in love.

Marius and Cosette finally met with Eponine's 'help' and they fall deeper into love. Then Jean Valjean has a fear the police are catching up to him and takes Cosette to another part of Paris, soon to move to England. Marius decides that he can't live with out her so he goes to the barricade. And becomes a hero by saving Courfeyrac and Gavroche's lives.

Jean Valjean goes to the barricade because he found out about Cosette and Marius' love for each other and he goes there to see this man (Marius).

After the battle of the barricade Marius is the only one living. But he is unconscious and Jean Valjean finds a not in Marius' wallet, saying if he was found to bring him to his Grandfathers. It gave all the needed information.

Jean Valjean takes him through the sewers and takes him to his grandfathers. His grandfather rejoices to see Marius after all the while. And Marius is kept there recovering. Then Jean Valjean comes back there with Cosette, and the two are married.