Marius and The Squirrel
by, Gavroche T.

*This is still in Progress

Marius was in a frolic that fine day of February 16th. The weather was unseasonably warm (in the 70’s) the sun shone down onto the Luxembourg gardens like golden curtains falling from the sky. The heavy scent of lilac brought a sense of sheer happiness to Marius. It was his 2nd year wedding anniversary to Cosette, he would have been with her in the gardens but she was out shopping for something. So, he went to the Luxembourg gardens for a stroll.

He was remembering the past as he walked along the pond. The soil under his feet was soft and almost comforting to his feet. The water beside him was shimmering in the bright sun twinkling ever so elegantly. He watched as the swans bobbed in the water, preening themselves with utmost pride in themselves. Other ducks fluttered about near the end of the pond, and Marius smiled as he saw some ducks in their youth make a ruckus by the bushes. But he went on his way through the gardens putting all thoughts of family aside.

He walked slowly over to a large granite statue that was in a rather secluded part of the gardens. It was shady there by the statue and here Marius felt at peace, and he could watch the world pass by him. He thought of how he had stood behind this very statue, and watched Cosette chat with her father. His eyes glistened and a smile rose over his lips while he leaned up against the statue. With all the misery that was in his life, it was almost hard for him to imagine that he was this happy. But, ‘it was no matter to me’ he thought. ‘I’m with Cosette and we’re happy. That’s all that matters.’ He closed his eyes tightly as he remembered getting married just 2 years ago, and as a large chunk of granite fell from the statue and onto Marius head with a thunk.


Squirrel: Oh, how cute! A sleeping human... (she said as she looked at Marius’ slumping body.) Well, I’ll be dog if I ever thought I wold see something like this. (she laughed) I may as well take advantage of this moment.

(She grabbed her small velvet bag and ran over to Marius, his head was slumped down to his chest and his locks of hair dangled in front of his shut eyes.)

Well, he looks mighty darn peaceful. I do wonder if he happens to have the time. (she grinned.) Hello! Mister!! (She yelled up to Marius, no response. She cleared her throat.) Hello!!! Mister!!! (she scowled) This is nothing to lose my voice over, if I do say so myself. Maybe he needs a good kick....(She said as she lifted her little foot, and kicked his boot.) OUCH!!! #$#%#&*ing cancer sore! (She screamed. She took a deep breath in to calm down a bit, and ease the pain. She looked around for anyone that might have noticed her humiliation, there was no one there.)

Well then, I guess I just have to take drastic measures. (she said as she smoothed out her tan fur, and fluffed up her bushy tail. She set the back down by Marius’ side, and quickly climbed up his arm, and onto his shoulder.) Good thing he’s wearing a tailcoat, otherwise I would have never made it up here. (she said as she dusted her paws off.) Now, to get the time... (She poked his shoulder heartily, no response. Then she sighed.)

Not again...Looks like this fellow is going to loose his hearing. (She cleared her throat once more, and she shouted into his ear.) Excuse me? Mister!!! (There was no response.) Well then, I guess I’ll just have to wait till this human wakes up. (she said, while scratching her head.)

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