Hello. I am Gavroche Thenardier. Gavroche isn't my real name. But I hate my real name so I use Gavroche as an alias. I will change my name legally. But as of right now, I'm too young. By the way, a hopeful name change is "Cosette-Napoleon Bonaparte". And no, I'm not related to him (Napoléon Bonaparte).

I've loved Les Miserables since my dad played his recording of the Original Broadway Cast. That was when I was about 5 or 6. I wanted to be little Cosette, but there were no auditions I could go to. So now I'm 17, and taking all the steps I need to be a bum in Corsica. I know, not what you expected, eh?

My obsession with Les Miserables started when I was in Kindergarten. My parents and brother went to go see Les Mis and left me with a mean ole' babysitter. So I sought revenge. Then my dad came back with a Les Mis recording and listened to it over and over again. I fell in love. "Castle on a Cloud" was stuck in my head until I was 13. When I stepped into French class and the teacher asked if anyone knew about Les Mis. I did, and I went home and listened to the LM recording obsessively. I joined Le Cafe (http://www.LesMis.com/). By January I read the big thick book, and by April, I read it twice. So now I own the Tenth Anniversary Concert, Original London Cast, Original Broadway Cast, and the 1991 Paris Revival Cast. I love them all.

Other interests include horses and music (And Napoleon Bonaparte). I take "centered" riding lessons, and have been doing so for about 6 years. I can jump, and I now own an 18 year-old American Saddlebred. His name is Devon and is a lovely reddish-brown with flaxen mane and tail. As well, he's got a pretty star on his forehead. Pity, though, that he has a pathetic forelock.

I can play a wide range of instruments, but have yet to learn the saxophone. No, I'm not a Bonapartist.... at least not an open one.

Oh yes, I'm allergic to a bunch of stuff...Anyone who has had to go through all those skin tests and questionaires and medications, I feel for you. And those cat lovers, that are allergic to cats. Thanks to "bathing" my cats I have hundreds of scars on my arms.