My World,
by, Rachel

When I look ahead, I fall behind. When I try to smile, I cry instead. When I try to look attractive, I’m uglier than ever. You don’t bother about anything in my world. There’s no use, nothing ever comes of it.

I try to make the garret look respectable, it looks slovenly and slummy. I try to win Marius’ compassion, he regards me with coldness and disgust. I force myself to be compatible with Cosette, I feel murderous and jealousy creeps up on me. In my world, you can’t expect anything to go right. Everyone unlike you is disgusted and harsh. I was like that once, looking down on vagrants. You can’t help it.

But now I live in this world, my world. It’s a cruel, cruel one. Yet God has His justifications for life. You like it or lump it.

One day, somewhere, though, I’ll find my rightful world. My new world. Where everything is fair and just. I like the sound of that.

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