This is the recording my parents bought when my mom first saw Les Miserables. I stole it from them at the age of 8. So I lived with this recording for 7 years.

This cast isn't that bad.

  • Valjean- Colm Wilkinson
  • Javert- Terrance Mann
  • The Bishop- Norman Large
  • Young Cosette- Donna Vivino
  • Mme. Thenardier- Jennifer Butt
  • Thenardier- Leo Burmester
  • Young Eponine- Chrissie McDonald
  • Gavroche- Branden Danner
  • Eponine- Frances Ruffelle
  • Marius- David Bryant
  • Cosette- Judy Kuhn
  • Enjolras- Michael Maguire
This cast is my personal least favorite, but for any new commer to the musical Les Miserables, it is an okay cast.

Colm Wilkinson (while my favorite Valjean) puts too much anger into Valjean then I like, and the cast on a while sounds kind of angry. They aren't so much as miserable, but angry.

David Bryant is by far my least favorite Marius. His falsetto is horrible and grating to the ears, and he portrays Marius as a block of wood. However, some people like that interpretation.

Francis Ruffelle sounds more screechy then normal in this recording. I think she may have been trying to put on an American accent or something, but either way her voice sounds strained.

In general I am not fond of the cast.