Les Miserables
Once Upon a Time
by, Rabid Eponine Fan

Once upon a time,
We met like dreamers at night.
We didn't care
If this was wrong or right.

I knew from that first meeting,
I just wanted to hold you close,
The boy I love the most.

I soon learned that
you had a past
With a girl who broken your heart,
Yet your love still lasts.

I learned the story
Of your lady fair,
Who had been kept immaculate,
By all your love and care.

Once upon a time,
I dreamed I found the One.
Who would love me,
Till life was done.

But in that dream,
It is your heart I gain.
This is not meant to be.
You are her prize to obtain.

Forever in matrimony
You will be bind,
But this is just a dream I had
Once upon a time.

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