Remembering Eponine
By Eponine

Oh no, I can’t believe it!
My Eponine is gone!
I knew her life was miserable
She was hungry and alone.

I guess she must have loved me,
How could I’ve been so blind?
Cosette was whom I followed
And she was left behind.

Allthough ‘Ponine departed,
Her memory lives on.
My soul’s forever frozen,
My heart is turned to stone.

‘Ponine, can you forgive me?
I know I have been wrong.
The darkness is unbearable,
The robin sings his song.

To her I was a sweetheart,
To me she was a friend.
‘Ponine was always there for me
Untill the very end.

I wish to say I’m sorry
To this romantic chile.
Whenever I beheld her,
She always made me smile.

And now this life has passed for her.
To me she said good-bye.
I know she’s somewhere watching me.......
An angel in the sky.
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