The Tenth Anniversary Concert was recorded live. So yes, there are clapping and bloopers! (:
  • Valjean- Colm Wilkinson
  • Javert- Philip Quast
  • Fantine- Ruthie Henshall
  • Young Cosette- Hanna Chick
  • Gavroche- Adam Searles
  • Cosette- Judy Kuhn
  • Marius- Michael Ball
  • Eponine- Lea Solonga
  • Enjolras- Michael Maguire
  • Thenardier- Allun Armstrong
  • Mme. Thenardier- Jenny Galloway
This is an amazing recording!! It has changes to the show, and it has acting! Everyone in the cast is wonderful.

By far this is the best recording of Michael Ball's (Marius) "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" he gets so powerful. And he is a great Marius. Philip Quast (Javert) is fantastic. He is so powerful, and you can feel his character hrough the recording. It is sensational.

The only downfall to this recording is that there is clapping, and one stage flub. A balloon bursts durring "Castle On a Cloud".

Still a great recording. And if you are planning to buy a recording of Les Miserables. This is my first pick for you.