Monsieur Myriel

Age: 60's or 70's

Sex: Male

This bishop was a kind man. He gave the hospital his mansion for their house. He was for the people, but still a royalist.

He lived with his sister and a maid. They disliked the bishop's ways. Because he left the doors unlocked, and he gave all of the money to a cause.

Eventually Jean Valjean shows up at the door, and the women know who he is (a convict), but so does the bishop. He puts his trust in Jean Valjean, something that Jean Valjean never had.

After Valjean eats they lead him into his chamber, but to get there you had to go through the bishops room. And in the Bishops room is a cupboard where they kept the silver (this was always unlocked). After everyone is asleep Valjean steals the silver and runs away. The bishop slept right through it.

In the morning the women were up in arms, because the silver was missing The bishop thought nothing of it, saying it wasn't their silver, and they would just use wood utensils.

Valjean is found and the police take him back to the bishop's house But to JVJ's amazement, the bishop gives him the candlesticks (silver) and JVJ is let free.

The bishop's role in the book is cut off here. but later on it notes that the bishop died after Valjean became the mayor of a town.