You Know You're A Les Mis Freak When You...

*Special Thanks to those wonderful people at Le Cafe ( that made this list possible.

You go to La Chatelaine, a French Cafe, with your French Class. You walked in and the whole place was lit by candles. You were looking at the wine display muttering "I loves good wine." When you entered the dining area you had to fight the urge to sing "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables". Your urge won. You chose a table in the corner (where You could see the world reborn! hehehe) and sang quietly. Your friends were greatly annoyed and you was told to stop annoying the general public. you walked back to school with a baguette slung over your shoulder like Gavroche

Always have a Les Mis song going around in your head anywhere any time.

When you go to the mall you only go in bookstores, shops, and places where they might sell corsets.

You buy an initial ring...but don't buy your initial, you get one with the initial of someone in Les Mis..

You wear red when ever you can to remember the barricade.

To attack your parents you scream, "Damn your warnings, Damn your lies you will see your child rise!!!"

When your trying to eat some of your dads food the lyric, "Tough on the teeth but what the hell?" pops into your head

Your French teacher gets your attention by saying "Marius!", "1832", and "Les Mis..."

You yell and scream and shout when people pronounce LM related things's just sacrilegious!!

You wish you had a cool hat like Eponine.

You go into shock when someone asks you how to spell any Les Mis related words.

Someone says "who is Frances Ruffelle" and you think they must be joking.

You're starting to hope Enjolras cool vest will come in style so you could get one.

You get one and wear it anyway even if they aren't in style.

You name all your pets after characters from the musical.

You refuse to answer to any name other than Marius, Cosette, Eponine, etc....

You can quote the CSR word for word, and you even know when all the characters stop to ake a breath.

If you are a girl and you love a boy that loves someone else, you'll pretend you're Eponine and his girlfriend is Cosette.

The only thing you look for in music or movie stores are recordings or videos of Les Mis.

If the store doesn't carry either, you think the store doesn't deserve to be there.

Anything in the 1800's reminds you of Les Mis.

You own at LEAST one recording.

You have five recordings of Les Mis and you wish you had more.

You find parallels to Les Mis in other books, movies, etc.

Your name in French class is Cosette-Eponine Pontmercy or something else related to Les Mis.

You wish your community theater could do Les Mis just so you could be in it, but ultimately are glad because it would be massacred.

When you proclaim you want to die with Enjolras on the barricade, but it just won't work because they'll bomb the hell out of us now, so you look forward to death and a possible afterlife where you can meet them, but it doesn't work because they're fictional so you want to go to Happyfictionland and you spend the day in a trance pretending you're there with them, but you know you're just scaring them a little with your delirious ravings and frothings and then you get all depressed.

You have been a character from LM for Halloween

A punishment is not being able to listen to your LM CD's

You pretend you're actually seeing the musical by playing all the songs in order.

You have no clue what character to be because you want to be all of them!! (I have this problem...)

Whenever your computer acts up, You call your computer "Thenard" or another character you wouldn't mind hitting

You put a bench in your garden in hopes Marius will come.

Your idea of partying is turning LM on full blast and singing along.

To annoy you your friends pronounce names wrong.

You wish you had a hat like Javert's... and the only thing keeping you from getting one is that no one makes them.

The worst possible punishment is having your LM stuff taken away.

You scream and shout when the LM forum isn't up and running!

When you cry and whine when you find out that Les Mis is playing for only a week at a city that is only about an hours drive away and your parents won't take you.

The girl who's locker is next to yours has pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio in it. You, however, have chosen a slightly more cultured approach...MARIUS PONTMERCY!!!! or Eric Kunze...

You're mad at your parents because they still won't let you get a tattoo of 24601.

You have a huge collection of Beanie Babies, and they're all named after Les Miz characters.

Your cleverly named Beanie Babies like to perform Les Miz songs.

Your parents call you "Victor Hugo"

You turn your room upside down to find your LM stuff

You take all your beanie babies and dress them up like the ones in the musical.

Your web page is based on the color red.

You try and make your room the style of 1832 in Paris

While other girls are talking about how hot hanson/Leo are you talk about how great Marius is.

While other people read YM you read the LM forum messages.

You hold a minute of Silence on June 6th.

Your last words will be Vive La Republique!

Your teachers have to gag you to stop talking about Les Mis.

Instead of your crush being Leo/Hanson, your crush is on Marius, Enjolras, or any other (Marius would be mine or Micheal Ball.....or Eric Kunze).

Your friends think your insane for liking a 'dead guy'

When ever they say 'dead guy' you're offended.

You take your pets and set up a barricade, pretending you're Enjolras and they are your followers.

When ever your mother makes you sweep you pretend your Cosette and sing "Castle on a Cloud".

When you play 'scrabble' most of your words consist of "cafe", "republic", "France", "Paris", and other LM related things.

You have thought of opening a cafe called "Cafe Musain"

The only thing on your mind is LM.

Your French teacher calls you "Cosette"

You are going to change your name to an LM character. Like.."Cosette Gavroche Pontmercy" that's gonna be my name

You call your mother "Madame Thenardier"

And she then makes you sweep....

You saw a Les Miz T-shirt in a store and started hyperventilating.

You have read that 2000 page book more that once.

You panic when your Les Mis CDs are out of sight.

At night you walk around the block wearing a hat and trench coat singing On My Own.

Your favorite meal is stale bread.

You dressed up like Eponine, Gavroche, Cosette, and Marius for a French Party. (we had to dress up like ~A~ French literary character, my French teacher couldn't look at me with out laughing).

You've learned the art of the Tarot card so you can get in touch with Victor Hugo...(I've never actually gotten to talk to him but I still try...)

You plan to have a wedding JUST like the one in the Book for Cosette and Marius.

You don't understand why you couldn't see Les Mis when it was in Minneapolis, because you could walk to the Theatre where it was being held but your parent's are mean and say that you have to see the headwaters of the Mississippi instead

If a friend asks you to explain the plot line it takes you two hours for a basic synopsis.

When you're a character from LM for holidays other than Holloween.

You have bought the novel in French.

You've learned how to play all the LM songs (with your handy dandy LM music book).

You've learned how to play all the songs on...piano, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, fife, soprano/Alto/tenor recorder, and harmonica (I was bored...really bored)

Your parents stormed into your room while you were expressing your LM obsession and you ran into a corner and started yelling "Vive La Republique!!!"

You've asked your radio station to play "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" by Micheal Ball *drool*

You try to make your parrot say your fave line from LM

You steal apples from your own apple tree pretending your JVJ or Gavroche.

There is a big star on your calendar on October 8th.(The day Les Miz first opened in 1985). Maybe you'll throw a birthday party for Les Miz!

You scare people off by running up to them and saying "'ow do you do? My name's Gavroche!"

You have found a Win95 desktop Les Mis theme and once you've installed it your parents get on the computer and say.."Looks like Victor Hugo has marked their territory..."

You have made a Les Mis collage to make time fly closer to when you get to see the show. (:

People come to you for advice on how to read the full novel.

You beg your mother if you can go see the show up in Indy. And since she knows you'll never give up till she says yes, so she says yes.

You call your cat "Grantaire" because she walks like a drunk, and she sleeps a lot.

Your school binder is confiscated for having too many pics, quotes, and scribbles from LM.

You try to explain to your mother that there is a difference between the OLC and the TAC.

She thinks your nuts that the only reason you want the OLC is because it has "I saw him once".

You found a parakeet and your parents made a rule that the name had to have something to do with tennis...But your having a heck of a time trying to find a character in LM that has something to do with Tennis...

You're convinced that it's an omen that you graduated on June 6th.

When you're babysitting you pretend you're Gavroche taking care of his "children".

While you're passing out flyers you pretend you're Enjolras spreading the news of the republic, or something close to that.

You wish to God that Rosie o'donell would have Micheal Ball on her show so that he could sing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables"

The DJ at your radio station knows you as "Gavroche". He had me on the air because he thought my nick name was Celtic! weird person.

The other DJ's know you as "That weird chick that always calls in wanting us to play stuff from something called LesMis..."

You go to the library to find the name "Pontmercy". In the "Penguin Classics" LM it mentions that the name "pontmercy" was in some French history. I haven't found it though...

You use your mother's 'important' books in papers to smash a fly, even though your LM novel was right next to the fly.

All someone has to do to get you to shut up and be still is pop in the TAC video Well you know you're a freak when you have a tape of a LM montage and it's getting full.

That tape doesn't go out of your sight.

You've learned all the steps to "One day more" or any song at that. (:

When someone asks your mother what's new with her daughter she says "Oh, Victor's busy translating LM in French..."

You give a long reason why Javert killed himself. Because your dad not only asked you but Javert is one of his fave characters.

While reading the "Joy Luck Club" you compare one of the characters to Fantine.

Your parents try to lure you to see a movie because they say it's like Les Mis. But that doesn't work any more because they said Dr. Zhivago was like Les Mis...and you will never forgive them.....EVER. that was not Les Mis....

You fill out a form that has "interests" you put down "Les Miserables"

In drama are made to sing "Little People" when you happen to have a really crappy voice...

You *beg* your French teacher to let you have the name "Gavroche" but he's mean...(well not really, just that I am still going by the name "Cosette" and I like Gav better). "Please! has an 'e' on the end! it could be feminine!"

You know there's something wrong when you are convinced you weren't meant to be born on this planet, in this time, in this existence. You were meant to be born into the exact same everything as the Les Mis people!

You know you're obsessed with Les Mis when you stick to this excuse for your peculiarities like a barnacle to a ship.

You see "Les Mis" on the chalkboard and you just about faint. (Our drama class has been moved to the senior HD English class and they're reading LM and having class discussions on it, I wish I could be in that discussion class.....)

You play "Party Quirks" in drama. but you know that the "host" will not be able to guess Gavroche. Or any other LM character, since the only person that's seen LM is the drama teacher.... ):<

When you have 2 browsers open, one for surfing LM sites, and the other for having a pic of your fave character....Marius for me. tee hee. sometimes it's Gavroche.

When you walk home from school barefoot, cause you're pretending to be Gavroche. REALLY STUPID!!! I did that and my feet are burned! Gavroche must of had high tolerance for pain...*ouch*

While you're walking home from school and you pretend your Cosette walking back from the well. And your backpack is the bucket. And your house is the Tavern...

You're thrilled to death when your singing instructor assigns you "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" to practice...(I feel un-feminine because some of the notes are being taken down an octave...hopefully my range will widen some.) (:

You're tempted to put "Marius/Gavroche" on the sides of your class ring.

You see the car model "LeBaron" and think of Marius.

While looking through playbills while seeing the show Chicago, you look desperately for an actor who was in LM...

When you "sing" Come To Me when you're sick.

When you explain characterization for a drama quiz by using your favorite LM actors and characters.

You start yelling cursed words at the Video store, when they are showing a preview of the LM movie...(I HATED that movie)

You are going through an identity crisis because half the people you know call you Gavroche...and you respond to it more then your real name...

When you consider writing an LM play for drama.

When you are allowed to make a "cheat sheet" for drama you put as the protagonist Valjean" and as the antagonist "Javert" this is the easiest way, for me.

When you find a way to relate DNA to bio teacher will never think about DNA the same way again....

When your French teacher looks at you for the answer because it's related to LM. I about jumped out of my seat yelling "WATERLOO!! WATERLOO!!!!!!!!" but I didn't because the teacher was leaning on my desk waiting for my overjoyed response...

When you bring "The Twelve Miserable Days of Christmas" to school and show it to your friends...HAHA!!! 2 of my friends want to perform it for a talent show. But I'll have to ask the author...It's just SO funny!!!

When your teacher bangs their head up against the wall when they see you trying
desperately to translate the '91 Paris recording.

When one of the French exchange students wonders why you know so much about Waterloo...I was rambling and ranting to Nikki because she got me started on some tangent. And Nikki is like talking to a wall, cause she turns her attention off when she hears "Marius" "Waterloo" "Victor Hugo" "Cosette" and "Les Miserables"... but the French exchange student sitting behind me was looking at me like I was nuts because I was speaking French one minute English the next. My teacher looked at me and said, "Cosette speaks the rare yet wonderful language of "Franglais".

When you get in an argument with one of your classmates because he says that "Les Miserables is a comedy! The protagonist doesn't die! Valjean lives!!" Then you say, "WHAT???? Read the *REAL* book!! HE DIES!!! That's why it's called LES MISERABLES!!!" Then the drama teacher bangs her head on her desk and goes..."JORDAN!! Look what you've done! You've got Gavroche into one of her Les Mis trances!!! Don't do that again!!!"

When you help your friend move into her new house you pretend you are Marius moving into the Gorbeau house.

When your friend is sick you sing "Come to Me"

When your French teacher walks to your lunch table and starts laughing at everyone at the table, because you and one of your friends got into a huge debate over Marius and Star Wars. And he wandered over to see how Marius/Star Wars related.

When you forget to put your name on a quiz, but the teacher knew who's test it was by all the LM stuff written on it.

When you mom looks at your LM site and goes, "Oh you are not that obsessed....are you? Oh jeez...You ARE!!! I have got to tell everyone at work about this!" I'm not kidding!!! She sent my web page to all of her friends!!!

You go into a chat room and they make you leave because you won't stop singing
(well...typing) Les Mis songs.

People start avoiding you at school because they are sick of hearing about Les Mis.

You lie on the road bawling and singing bring him home to road kill.

Your mother has to turn the couch over on its side for some work to be done on so you get a red sheet or towel, attach it to a stick and re-enact The Barricade with your stuffed animals as your followers. All when your mother has to go to the hardware store.

You wear something red & call it your tribute to LM

As soon as homework's done, you come here (Le Cafe)

You're here (Le Cafe) so much, you're out of ideas for this.

You pretend to be Eponine and walk home by yourself from school with your hands shoved in your pockets humming on my own... and your school bus passes you that you were supposed to be on..

You wait at the stage door, just to get autographs. The actors recognize you after the show when you go back again to get more autographs.

You miss the cast...*sniff, sob*

You see a booth at a craft show that had "Vive La Republique" stuff all over the place. But your mother doesn't seem to notice so you keep walking, and bump into people cause you were too busy staring at those words...

At customs when the guy asks why you are entering Canada, your parents reluctantly say..."Les Miserables"

You insult people by calling them a Javert or Thernardier

You spent ages trying to draw Cosette

You have the lost songs written out several times in case you loose them or they are censored or something! Okay sad I know! I love Gav's one "You" that was cut out. It is a bit sad though.

You get VERY upset when you see Cosette spelt with two S's ie Cossette (that was very hard!)

You obsessivly write "Marius Pontmercy" with four hearts around it all over your papers!! All the teachers know what paper is mine it has "Mlle. Gavroche Thenardier" and then Marius Pontmercy writen all over it!! Soon enough I'll have those scetches and doodles on my site, just for you to see how strange of an artist I am.

You're behind at Le cafe, so you open three different windows and go to Le cafe on all of them in hopes of getting caught up before you get off the net

You make like me and have "Happy Birthday Gavroche" put on your cake.

You fear going into French class because you know your French teacher will try and rub your LM obsession the wrong way, because it's your b-day.

Everyone at school knows you because of your clothes, the LM AIDS ribbon on your back pack, and the constant hum of "Do you Hear the People sing?" in the hallways.

You call the news station that televised something to do with Les Miscellaneous to see if you can get the tape, but instead you scare them badly.

When you're talking to your parents with the TV on and all of a sudden there's a "On January 2nd, Les Misérables is leaving town..." commercial and you go right up to the TV like a magnet and stare, not listening to, or indeed, aware of, anything else.

When your parents are REALLY annoyed with you and think your obsession is abnormal and unhealthy and the little expletives refuse to let you see it ever again. Grrrrrrrrrr.

You imagine ways that the T.V. show you watch can put little things in it that are LM

You wanna find a way to contact people that make the shows to allow you to write an episode just for that purpose.

You start writing one before you get permission.

You put on the music your room. And you keep playing it even though you've left, and you are still singing it. So I'm walking through the house getting a drink from the fridge singing to LM and go back into my room and never lost a beat.

You refuse to believe that the characters of LM are not real...and you talk to them.

You meet a friend you haven't seen for a while and the first words out of their mouth are "So, hows your Marius and Les Mis thing going?"

Some how you manage to force yourself to belive that your parents are being paid by the Thenards....(long story)

Your friend has a letter ready to be mailed to the school counsler if you talk about "that damn Marius again"

You go to the store and buy one of those ten dollar Monopoly sets and destroy it. By making it into an LM theme. Like you make up cards that are 'Must pay Thenariders for the keep of your child 100francs' *hehe* And you print up small pictures from the TAC and make them into little stand-up thingies for the figures. I have not done this... But I am thinking of it...

You're in church on Christmas Eve and sitting there kind of bored and see that Angels We Have Heard On High is not only a FRENCH was also written in 1862. And you try not to make gasping noises and draw attention to your hyperventilating.

You get your father hooked on Toronto

When you sugest show tunes to listen in the car your mother goes "NO!!! I already wake up with Valjean singing something to me in the morning, NO MORE LES MIS!!!"

You don't get many LM gifts for x-mas because mother doesn't want to make you more obsessed...

When you take up your time with writing Fan Fiction..

When you talk through your characters. Like your Marius side "No mother, Marius doesn't want to shovel." or "Mother, you know Gavroche doesn't like being called crazy! Besides Cosette is the sweetest thing you could ever meet."

You can read your unabridged book in 2 days w/o skipping bits!

When your eyes fleetingly see the name Michael Ball during an episode of the RugRats, and force yourself to watch the show for a week, finally discovering that one of the main voice actors is called Michael BELL.

You pray that one of these 'You Don't Know Jack' games that someone in your household is obsessed with have a question relating to LM. Hey, one of 'em was RENT!

Your guinia pig's food is a brand called 'LM', and you think of Les Miz whenever you see the bag.

You join a theatre group in the hope they'll do Les Mis

You get upset when the theatre group does a concert, you want to sing OMO and someone beats you to it

You seriously consider giving your friend's boyfriend a tape of you singing OMO because his uncle plays Jean Valjean and you hope he'd recommend you for Eponine (I didn't do it though!)

You argue with the afore mentioned friend over which one of you would play Eponine

When you get asked what you'd like to drink and you sing "Give me Brandy on my breath and I'll breathe them all to death"

You set up a Yahoo Les Mis club

You're on holiday in France, walking at night and you see the stars so you start singing "Stars"

You spend ages trying to find and talk to a guy called Marius in a chatroom

You know your favourite Les Mis song in at least one other language

You sing "ALFOR" while waiting for the bus to pick you up, after school, while freezing rain turns your backpack to ice.

You sing Javert's suicide while walking over a bridge.

You make a fake resume for drama claiming you've been in LM.

You find your soaking wet paperback-LM in your back pack and you say between sobs, and kisses "Oh my friend! What have I done to you? I'm so sorry! It's not my fault, really! I didn't mean for you to get wet. You must be cold! Here...I'll put you in the microwave, you'll warm up! I promise! Will you ever forgive me?"

When you cry 'cuz of Gav's post (the above)

You develop a fondness for diseased looking pigeons (you're a hypochondriac) because they are "Les Misérables" of the animal world.

You're shovelling the bloody metre of snow that's accumulated over the past two weeks and you build a little barricade with little students.

You're convinced that the bad weather that's been afflicting Toronto since the 2nd of January is caused by the departure of Les Mis, and if it would only come back the clouds would part, the sun would shine, the birds would sing and the chorus of cherubs would mingle with that of the "peuple".

Want to read the fully unabridged novel they have at school in hopes of finding more stuff about Marius

When you are cleaning your room the first question in your mind is "What would offend Marius?"

Print countless pictures of Marius/Cosette...

Yell and scream at an e-text site because a possible picture of Marius won't load.

Sob pitifully when you find out you're out of printer paper!

Collect Marius/Cosette/Gavroche quotes obsessivly and use them on a day-to-day basis "If it weren't for you I'd of copped it!"-Gavroche quote

When you find a portrait of Marius, you spazz out and choke on your own breath. Even though you've seen this picture of Marius a million times.

Sit and stare at a Marius/Cosette scetch sighing uncontrolably

You've called you're teacher "The sidburn wonder of the school."

You've memorized monologues from LM. Some of which are 20 minutes long...

You've been tempted to knaw on a bone as if to step into Marius's shoes.

You can babble about any paticular character at the drop of a hat, oh...Javert's hat!

You plan on stalking the cast when it comes to IN, hoping that they'll get so scared they'll just give you all the costumes, and let you romp around on the barricade. *g*

One of your friends decides to read LM because of you babbling about it 24/7 (AHHH!!! I've used a modern day term!)

You try your best not to use modern day slang, and try to talk like one of the LM characters.

You freak out when one of your friends nearly rips up your LM AIDS ribbon.

You have been forced to spend time away from here on the Christmas holidays and had withdrawal symptoms!

You sing LM to your Cat so that she will have good taste in music.

When the goldfish died you sang it Empty bowls On Empty Tables

Your boyfriend is not speaking to you as you have called him Marius twice and Enjy once. (I think the third time was the last straw!)

You consider where you can send a valentine for Enjolras

You need psychological help due to your obsession!!!

Your locker is coated of LM student pictures off the net.

You and your friend sing the entire les mis soundtrack at the top of your lungs on the van on a school trip.

Your alarm clock wakes you up to "Stars."

You look at your tongue in the mirror and pretend you're Joly.

While reading Les Mis at school, you yell "Blasphemy!!" when when the boys complain they are bored.

You crack up when someone mentions the law or drawing names from a hat- another Javert!

You design a bumper-sticker that says "J'aime Enjy"

Your computer wallpaper is Enjolras, and instead of "Welcome" and "Goodbye" it plays LM songs in French.

Your retainer's name is Javert because it keeps everything on line.

You only have a virtual boyfriend, known effectionatly as "Enjy"or "the guy in the red vest" (before I new his name)

You make an Enjy club, in which the members wear red vests and carry red flags.

You go hysterical when you learn that the barricade happened 10 days before your birthday, and the battle of Waterloo 1 day after it!!

You draw barricades in math class.

You see a preview in the movie theater for a movie called 'Rushmore' I think. And the beginning they list a lot of names and say that they are some of the greatest minds to ever have been on earth. You, search, and search, and search, and scream when you finally see Victor Hugo listed!

Your parents keep saying that because I refuse to grow another foot, so that I can be found in a store as easily as my bro', that they will force me to carry a flag. I declare that it must be a red one and to expect me to sing Enjolras lines to entire time.

On a French test, you have to read things and answer questions about them, you find an add for 'le tour Montparnasse'

You stare at that page after you're done with the test, thinking of every mention of him in LM

Your menu in French class, which you got to make up a name, is called 'Le Chez de Montreuil-Sur-Mer

When you name your electronic Pikachu 'Gavroche'

You're supposed to be asleep, but you've got Les Mis in your head and you need to let it out, so you start whimpering.

You set your watch to the time in Paris, even though you live in North America.

While ill, you blame your sickness on Joly's cold. And you regret it later, and appologize to the ceiling for hours.

Your friends all try and force you to go someplace by saying "Come on, Marius might be there!" And you tag along with them, because you never know if he is there or not. AND you can kill them later on with endless LM babblings if he's not.

You've attempted to do a duet with ANY animal, while trying to teach them LM. Well, they might as well be cultured.

You've named bacteria after LM places/people.

You sing "Come to Me" While at the animal shelter....

Oh, and I really *have* sung "Bring Him Home" to road kill.I'm not kidding you..."He's like the pet I might have known, if my mother had granted me a pet...But the pet has diiiied bye a car! It has diiied by a tire...and I am old, and it is dead...Bring him Home!"

You're friends and family are worried about your new puppy because they *know* you are going to spoil it rotten with LM stuff (hey she needs some taste.)

You surround your dogs enviorment around LM (i.e. their name, color coded collars/leashes, etc...) Hehe, m'new puppy has a blue thing going for her, my other dog has a red thing all we need is white....

Whilst in World History you read "Napoleon" and your History teacher goes "Put the book down...I like him too, and we'll get to him later on in the year but just because you are a francophile is no excuse to read about Napoleon while I talk."

You keep reading anyway and your teacher waltzes up to you and hits you on the head proclaiming all the French are alike.

Your English teacher does the same...."Read, To Kill a Mocking Bird...You can live an hour with out Les Mis."

You go to the book store...where? FRENCH HISTORY!! hehe. They have an awesome book on Napoleon and another on French history in the 19th century...also a TON on the revolution. Our school library NOTHING.

OH! You about spaz out when you see a van with "Bryant" on it because it reminds you of "David Bryant" on the Original Broadway LM.

You dream about meeting all the LM fans...and possibly making the front page for "Hearing the people sing".

You have a sinus infection and can't breathe through your nose. Your immediate reaction is to think, "Hey, spiffy! This'll -really- help me on my Joly impression!"

You've attempted to train your dog to "bark" LM. but then your neighbors about kill you from yelling "NO NO!! C sharp!!"

Oh yes, while doing Taebo in pretend your Gavroche fighting..hehe. I HATE Taebo...I'm so badly coordinated it's not funny...

While being goalie for gym you pretend you are Enjolras or some other character like that protecting the barricade...and making others around you deft.

Hehe. you put "The Inn of Montfermeil" on your dogs crate. And mother comes home and goes "AHHH!!! Victor has marked her territory!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!"

For a World History report you try and tie your family into the Rein of Terror...For me, my little family was on the border line of Prussia and there aren't any stories of us getting guillotined or leading a revolt... Rather boring family 'till you get to WW2...

You have piles and piles of French history books, WHY? Because you are looking for more details on Les Miserables, (i.e. 1832 insurrection, Waterloo...)

You've read several books on Napoleon, for reasons linked to Les Mis.

Your History teacher having only known you a month and a half, already knows that you are obsessed with LM and French from catching you read French History/Les Mis in class, and he fears going into the Napoleonic era, and early 19th century france.

You blackmail your history teacher saying "you'll have me Alllll next year for European you BETTER do something with Les Mis...or *I* Will!!!"

Your English teacher is quite happy the class isn't reading LM, because of you. But she knows she might have you next year for 3-4 HD English, where you'll read Tale of Two Cities, and she knows that you'll end up babbling about LM So she warns other teachers....

Teachers at school are afraid you might lead a revolt singing "Do you see the students fail? failing the ISTEPS every year, it is the music of a faculty that has terrible eachers....." hehehe.... Indiana Standardized Tests are ISTEPS.

Durring geometry you use the stuff you've "learned" and build a small barricade with your compass, protractor, pen, pencil, book, notebook, and other supplies. And you shoot the national guard (the class) with a key, since you are in the back row and all. Then you have a makeshift Tricolor flag, along with a red flag made out of paper. And since you do look like an imbicile people look at you rather strangely, hiding behind a book and school supplies. When the bell rings you shout out "Vive la Republique!!!" and then "die".

When ever the teacher catches you playing "barricade" you shout out "Damn your warnings damn your lies, you will see your student RIIIIIIIIISE!!!". Lucky for you, the teacher doesn't really care and starts teaching again, ignoring all the "click....bang!'ll get you.....bloody students!!!!!! BAAAAMMM.....katshhhhh. CRASH!!!"

You've named your dog after a character or LM. Well that's been posted all ready BUT I'm so happy finally my pup has a name. Her names "Allee" short of "Allouette" or "Lark" or... "Cosette" hehe. (:

You know you are when...your English teacher puts up on the board "Heroes" and she asks the class who their heroes are, when she doesn't hear from you she looks at you and goes "They can be fictional...." hehe. *g*

You match horses personalities with those of LM characters.

You've named your saddle "Georges"

Your Briddle "Pontmercy

Your girth "Gervais"

The martingale "Javert"

The breast plate "Enjolras

And the grooming supplies "Les Amis"

Of course you have a lot more tack then that and have yet to name it all...

You plan on naming your next horse "Feuilly" even though you highly doubt any equine vet can spell it.

Since your geometry teacher won't let you play barricade anymore (I hate Mr. Roberts!!) you resort to fiddling with your graph paper and drawing your own barricade.

While watching "Monty Pothon and the Quest for the Holy Grail" in World History you make a barricade out of a deck of cards, but then it collapses cause you miss placed a card caused from watching the TV screen and not the soon-to-fall barricade. Of course when it falls you sob pitifully.

You name your dog "Allee" which is short for "Alouette" (you know that I know..) BUT Allee is also the past/feminine tense of "Aller" in French. So some times you pronounce her name "al-AYE"

While trying to define "good" leader in English you make a whole one person debate that Napoleon wasn't Loyal to his troops but they all followed him and would have saved his life, but he wouldn't do the same for them. And then you kept babbling like a fool and came to a conclusion that the Duke of Wellington and Horatio were much better leaders in a sense...but kept babbling and came to another conclusion that Napleon was a great actor that was portraying a good leader. So the whole class starred at you like a you were a nincompoop. So the teacher just said.."Well,, got any other ideas for a good Leader?" Then you spew out "ENJOLRAS!!!" while you jump out of your seat..

You have read all of the Reasons.