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Quite a few people seem to forget that adult Cosette, is the same Cosette that was beaten up by the Thenardiers. That she was very gracious and helped the poor. Her heart was open to everyone.

She wasn't self-centered at all. She always thought she was plain, and quite ugly. Most said she was pretty, but she did not belive them. For several months she didn't look in the mirror. Then, one day she really looked at herself, smiled and said, "I really am quite pretty, aren't I?". She didn't gloat, or show off her stuff. It was only a self-esteem boost.

Marius did not love Cosette because she was pretty, he loved her because of her personality. He thought she was a beautiful person inside, and out.

To those that think Cosette is a ditz because she talked about
clothes and herself, here's a bit of history... In the 20th century people who have nothing to talk about clothes and themselves are self-centered. BUT back in the time of Cosette, they were normal.

Women were not educated, if they knew how to read and write
that was far beyond what most women knew how to to. But if a
women talked about anything OTHER then clothes and herself
she was laughed at or considered dumb. That was a man's job
to talk about politics and economy. Marius looked at Cosette
through the eye's of the times back then. A lot of us are
looking at her through the eye's of the 20th century. And we
get a ditz who didn't know what she was talking about, but
she did. That was what she knew, if she talked to Marius
about politics, he would have thought she was strange.

Yes, it was totally unfair that Cosette could only talk about
that but you can't change history. It would have made no
sense to historians if Cosette talked about politics. Hugo
would have been considered a loony.

Some people also hate Cosette because she just lays around and "gets the guy" what is with that?? That only shows you are jealous of her. And that's just selfish Marius loved her..GROW UP. Cosette wasn't expecting to fall in love. She was happy before she met him. Just because she got the guy is no reason to hate someone. That is selfish, disrespectful, and immature.

When people say Eponine is more deserving of Marius of Cosette, it makes me cringe. Does that make poor people more deserving of admiration? Just because you feel sorry for Eponine does not make her deserving of Marius.

 Cosette is a sweet, gentle, and loving girl. People say she would have never jumped in front of the gun for Marius. I can't disagree more. Cosette would have died for him, but she didn't know he was at the barricade. She was crushed when she found out he was injured.

I love Cosette, for her simple charm, and her innocents. She loved anything. She was a beautiful person. I'm sure if all of you Cosette haters opened your eyes and really looked into her soul you would see a girl with all the personality and charm
in the world. If I were Marius, I would have fallen for her too.

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