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Eponine was beautiful as a child, because that's when her parents fed her. Her sister was Azelma. They were 'brats' because they were spoiled but, later on the Inn that Monsieur Thenardier owned closed. And they were left in rags when they were teenagers. There has been arguments weather she went into prostitution but it is unclear, she may have. She became rather unattractive as you might say. She soon meets up with Marius at the apartment building they live at. She tells Marius that she knew the girl that he was in love with (accidentally). So he pleads with her to find her and lead him to where Cosette is. And she does so accordingly. When Marius realizes that Cosette moved he was distraught and sees Eponine. She tells him that his friends at the barricade are waiting for him and he leaves.

At the barricade a gun was pointed at Marius, but Eponine jumps in the way. It hit her hand, then went through her back. And Marius sea's her and holds her. She tells him that she had fallen for him. And makes him promise to kiss her on the forehead after she dies. When she does die, he does as he promised.

Sorry that doesn't do her justice... *sniff*