Les Miserables
A Promise Kept
A poem by Eponine

He kept his promise,
a promise which was more important to me
than anything else in the world.
He kissed me on the forehead,
I didn't really think he'd do that!
It was wonderfull,
it meant the world to me
but what did it mean to him?
That's what I want to know,
why did he do it?
Was it because he made a promise
and he's an honest man
or because
he really cared about me?
Is there a chance,
even a small fraction of one,
that he might,
just might have loved me
as much as I love him?
Forget it.
It's impossible.
You're a fool,'Ponine.
How could I have ever thought
that a handsome, intelligent student
could love--
what am I talking about?
like a common, worthless street girl?
He already has
his damsel
who I might add,
never was in distress
unless of course you count
a very long time ago.
But I don't like to think about that.
what did this mean to him?
I must really get over him already,
for my loneliness is killing me.
But he kept his promise
and I'm thankfull to him for that
and allthough he never loved me
he did what I asked
and that's all that really matters.
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