Everyday I Love You More
by, Rachel

Dear Marius,

I'll probably never send this letter to you. It's just a way of sorting out my feelings. I know I'm just a worthless street girl, a thief, ugly and brazen, and I don't deserve to even look at a respectable gentleman like you.

I know you're not rich, yet you gave us money for food, for our outstanding rent which you gave before we had even saw you. Father wondered where it had come from, and just accepted it, but I wanted to meet the giver, to thank you.

You said you would give me anything I wanted when I found Cosette's address. Well, now I ask that you listen to me. I've thought of nothing of you since I first saw you, and I've realised one thing - I'm in love with you. I know you won't believe me, but every day I love you more. You've been harsh and cold to me, but you're in love with Cosette. You're embarrassed to see me. I can understand that.

Monsieur, I beg of you one more thing. Please let me be your friend. At least that. I won't ask any more of you, if you just grant me that one wish. Even if you can't love me, I want to talk to you, to laugh with you, to know that somebody out there cares, just a little.

I won't bother you any more. Just remember, that if you ever need comfort, there's always someone there who will always love you.

Thank you,

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