by, Rachel

I see his face
In the welcoming sun
In the blooming spring flower buds
Where life has begun.
In the ripples of the river
In the wild, rugged plain
In the fruits of the orchard
In the sweet scented rain.

I hear his voice
In the morning bird's song
In the roar of the waterfall
As it rushes along.
In the rustle of leaves
As a breeze sweeps through
In the turning of the cart wheels
The snap of twigs too.

But why so cruel?
What have I done wrong?
The smooth glass has cracked
And dull is the song.
Why did I take you
To those gates stout and bold?
What thanks did I get?
You being harsh and cold.

But now it's alright again
And my life is near through.
I put my hand over the musket
That was aimed at you.
Now I can say I love you
As in your arms I lie.
Kiss me when I am gone
For now I die.

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