Les Miserables
In My Dreams
A song to the tune of "On My Own"

And now I'm all alone again,
nobody knows or understands me.
Without a voice, without a name,
without someone who defends me.
And now I'm on my own,
the fields and meadows I will roam.
Sometimes I try to make believe
that all is fine and I am gifted.
No matter what I still have faith,
that my bad voice shall soon be lifted.
The temple bells will ring,
and I pretend that I can sing.
On my own,
pretending I have talent,
on the stage,
I sing up there till morning.
The audience
breaks into false applause,
and then I know that all I am's
a miserable rose.
In my dreams,
I sing like Britney Spears,
in my life,
I'm drowning in my tears.
In the darkness,
the world is full of sorrow,
and everywhere I turn I see all black,
and it is horror.
And I know
It's only in my dreams,
that I'm singing to myself,
and not to them.
and allthough,
it's not as what it seems,
still I say,
there's a way for me.
I'm singing,
but when the show is over,
I am gone,
the music's just the music.
As I sing,
the harmony all changes,
the stage is bare and everywhere,
the audience's full of strangers.
I'm singing,
with every song, I'm learning
all my life,
I've only been pretending.
In this world,
A voice brings you a future,
a future full of happiness,
that I have never known!
I'm singing,
I'm singing,
I'm singing,
But only in my dreams.
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