Limericks By Eponine

There was a young man who’s named Mar.
He eloped with Cosette to afar.
Without me his world stopped
And their marriage had flopped.
He had no choice but to work in a bar.

There was a young girl named Cosette.
I knew that she’d always regret
How she started a fire
With the man I desire.
So I told her,"Madame, just you wait!"

Eponine Wounded
Marius, I’m wounded, I’ll rest
In your arms, if don’t mind, would be best.
I don’t feel any pain
And this small fall of rain
That brings you here is heaven blest.

Eponine Before Dying
Marius, you’re a guy whom I crave.
I love you, I’m almost your slave.
But it’s just in my mind
That true joy we will find.
So I’m ready to enter my grave.

Cosette was a girl with no mother
So she cared for my Mar, and no other.
I am really enraged,
What is next, they’re engaged?!
I am angry, and so is her father.
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