Me and My Sister
by, Rachel

Eponine on Azelma

She's a little idiot really; Father gives her jobs that don't matter, because she'd never get further than picking a pocket. She calls M'sieur Marius "Monsieur Trop-Cher" because he only spends what he has to - she's under some illusion that he's rich, because of the five francs he gave us.

She's guessed about my adoration for him. Every day I'm getting reports of what's going on in his apartment - she's discovered a hole in the wall that joins him and us. I pretend not to be interested, but I suppose I talk about him too much.

She isn't very good company - a bit useless all around. But she is Mother's pet, and that keeps them both occupied, so it's for the best. She wouldn't survive without me. She's fifteen, but I'm her protector, and we both know that.

Azelma on Eponine

She has some notion that one day she'll be Madame Pontmercy. Ha! Why would a respectable gentleman like him even look at her? She thinks that I don't know how in love with him she is. She's
talked about him too much. I will credit myself something. I'm a clever girl. And so is she. It must be love that's stopping her thinking straight.

I sort of wish that I could make him love her back. If she gets married, perhaps I'd get a bigger part in Father's scams.

But I need her. When we have to sleep rough, I need her there to help me out. I don't think I could survive on my own. There's always Gavroche, I suppose. But he's not interested in me. 'Ponine, perhaps, but not me.

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