My Marius
A Poem by Eponine

He’s handsome and elegant,
the man of my dreams.
A guy any girl would want.
Marius, my Marius
to him I’m just a friend
and never will be more
nothing more, ever.
Marius, my Marius
He loves me...........
he loves me not.........
I fear he loves me not.
He loves me
only in my dreams
and when I wake up
he’s gone
the river is truly just a river
and I am just me
same old ‘Ponine.
Maybe I’m not smart
Maybe I’m not pretty
still he could’ve cared.
Marius, my Marius
I wish I could give you what you seek
but I’m afraid you’ve already found it.
This girl, this Cosette
who used to wait on me hand and foot
my Marius has found.
Marius, my Marius
Is he blind?!
Does he not see?!
I’ve shown him all I could,
and yet he turned away.
If only I could
hold him for once
and share with him my spirit
and be happy
and share his world of joy and passion.
Marius, my Marius
It’s like I’m reaching out to something
that exists only in my mind
an illusion
why does he not love me?
Marius, my Marius
I’m devoted to you
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