Now Look
by, nicole_enjolras

Everything I did was nothing
I helped no one but those pigs
Those Thé parents

Cosette was lucky
As much as I hate her
It’s best it was her that was saved

Me--I know my way around the street
Gavroche too for that matter
Little Cosette would have died out here

Cosette was once worse off than me
Little they know little they see
Now look what’s become of me

She was our slave
Now look, she has all the luck
And the money and Maruis too

I wish things had been different
How was I to know it was wrong?
I was just a child, molded by my behavior

I’d tell her I’m sorry
But what good would it do?
It wouldn’t get me Marius and she doesn’t even remember

So I’ll sit here and watch
While her and Marius meet
I did agree to bring him after all

They’ve just learned each others names
Now look! They’re already in love
Why did he never act that way with me

Now it’s too late, they’ve met
So I’ll just ignore their love
Maybe I can still make him love me

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