Les Miserables
by, nicole_enjolras

Every time I smell a rose
It takes me back to days of old
When life was kind and love was everywhere
And I lived each day without a care

With that scent comes his face
And the feel of his embrace
The nights together under the moon
And days in the sun that were gone too soon

I was still a child then
Not yet even two times ten
He left me because he was wild
And I was left to take care of our child

A mother with a fatherless girl
Cannot find work in this cruel world
So I left her in another's care
In no danger I was aware

Now I work in this factory
A single woman is what they see
My child is sick and so I pay
And my heart breaks more everyday

Soon I will escape this nightmarish life
And live with my child, perhaps be a wife
But right now I will care from afar
And pray to you God where ever you are

Every time I see a rose
It reminds me that I am alone
Now life is cruel and love is scarce
And everyday it's getting worse

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