Les Miserables
Time to Let Go
A poem by Eponine

Who is there?
I hear a sound,
a footstep in the night
I thought I heard something........
I'm sure I did.
Something quiet
In the rain.
I stare into the dark,
I search fiercely with my eyes
for a shadow,
a glimpse
Could it be he?
My "prince on the white horse"
come to rescue me at last?
But no,
I see nothing
only darkness
it was only an illusion.
I should have known.
My prince will not rescue me,
he did not come
and he never will.
I should have realized it before.
I'm a fool,
how could I think
that an intelligent student
could love a hussy like me?
My head is saying,
don't lose hope,
but my heart is saying
it's time to let go
of what I held on to
my whole life.
There comes a time
for everything to end
and sooner or later
you must put the past behind you.
I finally realize,
that the past is gone,
I must move on........
are all I get to keep
nothing will ever take those away
from me.
I must go on with my life,
for what is the use
of dreaming a dream
that can not be?
It is time to let go
of the past
of my dream
of him.
It is time for new dreams,
new goals
time to start a new life
on my own.
And what of him?
His world goes on turning
without me
and I hope that he will find
true love
true happiness.......
a life I was never able
to give to him.
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