Trixi Fan Fiction
by, Gavy14


Trixi leaned against the lamppost with a sigh. She had been waiting all night and still no customers. "With this luck, I’ll be dead by the end of the week!" She says this to no one in particular and shifts her position a bit. All of her other "friends" had been picked up once or twice by now. She sighed again and coughed, pulling the shawl around her closer to her. She takes one last look around and gives up. "Too bloody cold to be standin’ around out ‘ere!" She adjusts the hat atop her head and continues on her way.

All she could think about was getting home into her semi-warm bed. She coughed into her fist and once again pulled her shawl closer to her. She glanced to the left as she saw a figure moving in the shadows. She looked straight ahead and continued walking, though she did pick up her pace a bit. "As far as I’m hours are over!" She whispered this under her breath and glanced back toward where the man had been. He was gone! She sighed with relief and slowed down a bit. "Trixi you’re much to paranoid..." she didn’t finish her sentence. The man had crept up behind her and now had his hand over her mouth. She struggled and tried to scream but his hand muffled her voice. She attempted to kick him, but this just made him hold her at his side as he dragged her along down the street. Up ahead Trixi could see a coach, which was obviously waiting for this man. When they reached it, she did her best to refuse to get into the coach. Finally the man took his hand off of her mouth to pick her up. She took the opportunity to scream. And scream she did! She yelled for help at the top of her lungs. Before the man could realize what she did another figure could be seen racing towards them. She was filled with a sudden hope which gave her the energy to continue to struggle with the man. Out of panic, he threw Trixi to the ground and jumped into his coach...leaving the two figures behind him.

Trixi, having hit her head, was on the ground rubbing it carefully. The figure that had heard her screaming approached her and held out his hand. She took it and stood to her feet. "Monsieur, how can I ever..." He waved for her to stop.

"I did what any decent citizen would have done. Are you all right?" She took her hand from her head and nervously began straightening her clothes. " Thanks to you! Please monsieur, let me repay you for your good deeds! What is it you ask?"

"Mademoiselle...if you are all right then I have received what I wanted. However...since you ask, allow me to walk you home. A lady like yourself shouldn’t be out this late at night, and all alone!" Trixi stepped back a bit, mainly to hide her appearance. The man didn’t seem to notice that she was a prostitute and she wasn’t about to remind him. He held out his arm to her, though she hesitated to take it. To her, it would have been easier to pay him, even on her income, than to allow him to walk her see her home. He would be appalled! When she looked back at him he was still offering his arm. "Monsieur...that is very kind of you, but you’ve done enough! home is on the poorer side of town’s not right for me to bring a man of your caliber there! You’ll be..." She blushed a bit, embarrassed about having to explain this to a stranger. She had never been embarrassed of her situation before, but this man was different. He looked very successful, and rich, and handsome. Why a man like that would have bothered saving her was behind Trixi. "Mademoiselle..."


" asked how you could repay me. Let me do this. As for your house...we are all poor in the eyes of God. Now, come then. It’s cold’re sure to catch your death is we wait any longer." Just then he took his coat off and placed it around her shoulders. She smiled and finally took his arm.

The first minutes of their walk home were silent. Trixi was reviewing her current situation in her head. Just standing next to this man was causing her to become confused. She couldn’t think straight. This man...who was he? "Monsieur, who is it exactly that I have the pleasure of addressing?" It was his turn to blush a bit.

"Forgive me mademoiselle, my name is Enjolras. I am a student here in Paris. However I am more interested in the government..." He paused for a second. "Conditions around here are becoming worse as the days go by. The rich are the only to benefit! We need a change! That’s why I...well, my friends and I, are planning to change things. Make the world a better place for all of us!" There was a spark in his eyes as he excitedly explained his plans. He talked of barricades, and battles, and life after they won their independence. There was no way Trixi could even pretend to be uninterested. His excitedness had rubbed off onto her and she was asking questions and becoming more interested with every step. "Monsieur, how does one join? I’d like to do my part to..." He suddenly stopped talking and looked at her.

"Mademoiselle...I am glad you would like to do your part. However as of late we have decided not to allow the woman to fight. We don’t want to lose more lives than we have to. You can do your part by staying at home and praying for our safety and for a victorious battle."

"But monsieur..." she wasn’t sure where to start. "I understand your concern, but why not take all the help you can get? Perhaps if the woman agreed to stay away from the barricade and in a nearby building...that way we could all do our part!" Enjolras said nothing but looked deep in thought. There was no more said the rest of the walk to Trixi’s home.

"Monsieur," Enjolras snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her. She smiled an awkward smile. "We’re here." He looked at the house he was standing in front of. He didn’t frown, or laugh, but stayed silent, with a look of sadness in his eyes. "Thank you for all your help monsieur. I owe you my life!"

"It was nothing..."

"You saved my life. However small and unimportant it may be, you saved it." They stood in silence for a minute, not knowing what else to say. "If you change your mind about the revolution...." he looked at her with a strange expression. "Well...I’m sure you will see me to tell me?" He nodded and she sighed. "Good night monsieur." He nodded and began to walk away as she entered her house. She sighed and sat down in a chair, incredibly confused. She sighed and leaned her head against the wall. A minute later she was asleep.

Trixi woke up the next morning as the sun was shining through her window. She yawned and stretched, causing something to slip from her shoulders. She turned to look and saw the man’s jacket lying on the floor. She picked it up carefully and brushed it off. Suddenly she was filled with dread. "He’ll think I’ve stolen it for sure!" She jumped to her feet. "I have to find him and return it before he goes to the police!" She quickly washed her face and changed into some more decent clothes before going out. Enjolras hadn’t noticed last night in the shadows, but he would have been sure to see her true appearance in the light. He would be disgusted for sure! She smoothed out her clothes and, gently picking up his jacket, headed out to find him.

"He said he was a student..." She thought a minute as to where students went when not studying. Finally, it occurred to her to check the local cafes. She was sure to find him in one of them. She picked up her pace and headed to the nearest cafe.

She entered the cafe slowly. She looked around, trying to avoid the gazes from the men. She swallowed hard as she drifted further and further away from the door. She finally realized with a sad sigh that he was not here. She was about to leave when a man grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her down into the seat next to him. "Hey cutie..couldn’t help but notice you clinging to that jacket. If I weren’t mistaken, I’d say it looks an awful lot like me good pal Enjolras’s. didn’t happen to snatch that from ‘im didja? ‘Cuz if you did...I’m afraid I’ll have to snatch it back!" Trixi swallowed the lump in her throat. She could tell from the bottle in his hand and the stench in his mouth that the man was drunk.

"W-who are you?" Trixi scolded herself for sounding so nervous. "An-And how do you know Enjolras?" He laughed a horrid drunk laugh.

"Ah, forgive me for not introducin’ meself properly. The name’s..." He hiccuped and coughed violently. "Grantaire. And as for me knowing Enjolras...who doesn’t? Everyone here does, that’s for sure! When he’s not in school he’s here, rallying up more support for for you! Were you planning on giving me his coat or do I have to take it back?" He smiled a bit. "I’d
hate to have to get rough with a nice mademoiselle such as yourself. So, what’ll it be?" He leaned back on his chair a bit and too another large drink from his half empty bottle.

"I-I..." Trixi was too nervous to answer. She was finally ready to answer when an arm slipped around her shoulders.

"Ah Grantaire, can’t you see you’ve frightened the poor thing? Leave her be!" The man smiled. "Bonjour name’s Courfeyrac." He took her hand in his and kissed it, quite romantically. "And you are...?"

"Bonjour..ah, monsieur Courfeyrac. I’m, rather, my name is Trixi." He laughed a bit.

"No need to be nervous mademoiselle. Grantaire is all bark and no bite. However...that coat has a certain likeness to Enjolras’s. Care to explain?" Grantaire looked at her with a look as if to say "Prove me wrong." She took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"You see...last night, monsieur Enjolras, he saved me from a cruel man. He offered to walk me home, and offered his coat when I began to shiver. He left in such a hurry and I was so tired, well, neither of us noticed that I still had his coat. When I got up this morning, I still had the coat! I was so afraid he would think I stole it that I came looking for him." She sighed as her eyes filled with tears in frustration. "However I’ve had no luck! And if you all think I stole it, I’m afraid he will too!" She began to sob a bit. Courfeyrac comforted her.

"Ah, mademoiselle, I knew you were no thief! As for finding Enjolras, do not worry your pretty little head over this! I tell you...if I didn’t know better, I’d say he mentioned coming here later today. However that was during classes...meaning that later is now! Understand?" Trixi looked confused. "I suppose not...well, I heard him mention to Marius, another friend of his, that he was planning to come here for a meeting. I think this is just about the time he said he’d be here." Trixi jumped up with joy.

"You mean...he’ll be here? Oh thank goodness! I thought for sure...well...never mind." She sat back down, a bit embarrassed about her outburst. She thought about what Courfeyrac had said. "What meeting are you talking about monsieur? Does it have to do with the revolution he is planning?" He looked a little surprised to see that Trixi knew of Enjolras’s plans.

"Why, yes mademoiselle...I believe that’s exactly what the meeting is for! But...forgive me for exactly did you come to hear of that?"

"Last night, when he walked me home, he told me a little about it. I asked to join...but he seemed hesitant. He is fighting for freedom and more rights....and yet, he is excluding women from the battle! I don’t understand...why would he decline the chance at more help?" Courfeyrac sighed and shook his head.

"Honestly one really knows what is going through that man’s head. He is a very tricky person to try to figure out. I do believe he feels bringing the women into this is unnecessary...and to some extent I agree. However, to say they can help in no way is wrong. You have a choice, after all, that is what we’re fighting for, is it not? Might I also mention that it will be no walk in the park. It’s going to be hard work, pulling this off! The battle won’t be easy, nor will it be pleasant." He sighs again and laughs. "Listen to me, babbling on about absolutely nothing! I sound like Grantaire when he’s drunk." He leaned closer to Trixi. "Which is quite often, as you may be able to tell!" The two laugh at this and then become serious when Grantaire hears. "What is all the laughing about?" This made the two burst out laughing again, and also caused Grantaire to be more confused. Suddenly, the people that had gathered around Trixi’s table silenced, and looked towards the door. She finally realized no one else was speaking and stopped laughing. She turned to see what everyone was looking at. It was Enjolras, carrying several guns and other weapons. He marched over to the table and dropped the guns onto the table. He didn’t seem to notice Trixi, but instead launched into his newest idea. "Enjolras, Enjolras, please! Can you not see there is a lady present?" Trixi blushed and Enjolras looked her way.

"Mademoiselle...Trixi! But, what are you doing here?" He seems genuinely confused.

"Forgive me monsieur, but you...I, forgot to give you your coat back! I was afraid you’d have thought I stole it" She hands the coat back to Enjolras and stood to leave. "Mademoiselle? Have you eaten today?" She turned and looked into the eyes of the man who had spoken. She had no idea who he was. "Come now...sit! The food’s been ordered...and the drinks are on their way!" He smiled as Trixi sat back down...casting a quick glance Enjolras’s way to see if he approved. When he didn’t object, she decided it was all right with him. "By the way, mademoiselle, my name is Feuilly." He held out his hand to her and she shook it....blushing a bit from all the attention she was receiving. She looks around at all the handsome men sitting at her table. Look at you Trixi, blushing as though you’ve never been in the presence of men before! You’re a prostitute for heaven’s sake! Not some bougeouis..that’s for sure! Keep your head out of the clouds...and remember who you really are. This sudden thought saddened Trixi and she immediately became silent as the rest of the group talked excitedly about this and that while waiting for their food. She looked down at the table with a sort of sadness in her face that was only noticeable if one looked for quite some time. Enjolras happened to be one of those people. He had been watching Trixi ever since he entered the cafe. She had seemed somewhat entertained at first. However now, looking at her, he could tell something had upset her. "Mademoiselle," he stopped there. He wasn’t normally one to pry into other peoples business. She looked up at him. "Are you...all right?" She looked down at the table again. "Yes monsieur, I am fine." She thought for a moment. "Monsieur, please...all of’ll have to excuse me. I’m not feeling too well. Perhaps I’ll got home and rest . Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon. Enjolras." She nodded her good-bye and left. Enjolras watched her leave, not even thinking of going after her. Women were of no concern to him now. He had more important things to think about...or did he?

Trixi walked around a bit before deciding to go to the bridge over the river nearby. It was light out, so she didn’t have to worry about being jumped as she may have if it were night. She walked over to the bridge and rested underneath it. She had done this as a child quite often, to escape the stress of having to raise your little brothers, who, after a disease took her away, had no mother. She took off her shoes and put her feet in the water, which was, oddly enough, rather warm. She leaned her head against the bridge and closed her eyes. She let her mind take her on a journey back in time, back to when things were simple. Back to when her father did all the work and earned all the money while Trixi stayed home and played by her mother’s side in front of an oversized fire. They hadn’t been rich, but close enough to be considered "comfortable". Then, her father discovered alcohol. After that, her life went downhill, never to get back to the top again. Shortly after her father became a full blown, "drunk" her mother caught a terrible disease, leaving her bedridden right up until her death. It was that day that Trixi grew up completely and took on the role of "mother" to her two younger brothers. They had never been old enough to actually "know" their mother, so they never missed her. Sometimes Trixi would tell them stories about how wonderful their mother was. They would listen intently, and Trixi felt that they would be OK. Then her father returned home. Since the age of about eight she couldn’t remember her father returning home from town sober. He was usually drunk beyond belief. The slightest thing set him off...causing him to beat Trixi mercilessly. Trixi wouldn’t cry, or scream, or even mutter a word during this time. And when her father was through she managed to gather the courage and strength to pick herself up from the floor and continue about her chores.

"Daddy...why? Why did you have to be such a miserable drunk? You had great plans for Paris’s future! For our future! Why did you throw that away? For a lousy drink? Please! There must have been..." She stopped there. She had heard something and didn’t want to be caught talking to herself of something that happened years ago. Instead she sat and watched the river as it flowed downstream.


Enjolras sat quietly in the Cafe while his friends joked around. He was trying to make more plans for his revolution, but his mind couldn’t help but wander back to Trixi. He had no idea what made him save her the night before. He had been walking, as he often did that time a night. He was daydreaming about Paris. Not the Paris he was in now, no, the Paris that would be once his dream was fulfilled. He had so many much compassion for this city. He almost didn’t hear Trixi. He had stopped suddenly to throw on the coat he had been carrying. Suddenly, he saw a man walking towards a woman. He didn’t think too much about it, but absentmindedly kept an eye on the man. When the man seemed to be harmless, he continued on his way. It hadn’t been, what, five minutes later that he heard the lady scream. He hadn’t rushed to the scene, as heroes are often portrayed to do, but rather walked, quick paced, to where the man was hauling the woman towards the coach. Enjolras hadn’t said anything, for he was unsure as to whether or not the man had a weapon. Instead he stepped quietly out of the shadows, enough for the man to acknowledge his presence. The man had quickly
thrown down the woman...Trixi, and rushed off. Seeing that the woman was safe, Enjolras decided against chasing after the man. Rather he walked the mademoiselle home, doing just what a true gentleman should do. They had made some small talk, until she mentioned her being less than rich. That had immediately set him in rallying mode. Telling of the benefits of leading a revolt. How stupid, Enjolras, mentioning a revolution to a woman! And then to actually consider letting her join. There’s no way she can..."Enjolras, why the silence? Join us in our conversation! We were discussing that mademoiselle who was just here. Quite the attractive one if you ask me. Don’t find many decent woman that look like that now a days." He hesitated for a second. "So we were wondering. Has our friend Enjolras finally come to his senses? Has he, dare I say, fallen in love?" Enjolras’s head snapped around to face Courfeyrac. "Love? The only love I have is for this country. Now please, if you don’t mind, I have a revolution to plan." He stood to his feet and left the cafe, with a frown forming. Courfeyrac sighed. "I think I was right, my friends."


She woke up, still underneath the bridge. She had curled her feet underneath her sometime during the time she slept. They sky had turned gray and the chance of rain was high. She slipped out from under the bridge and stretched from the tight conditions. She realized she should probably go home, and find some sort of meal admist her almost bear cupboards. However, she did not return to a welcoming sight.

When she reached her home, her landlord was waiting with arms folded in front of her chest. Trixi sighed and tried to gather up the strength to put up a reasonable fight with the woman. Times were bad, as she already knew. Trixi had yet to receive her pay from the months of work she had performed. She pushed some hair out of her face as she approached the woman. "Madame, I can explain...."

"You’ve done quite enough of that already mademoiselle. I’ve made up my mind! Either you pay me the money you owe or I’ll evict you!" She held out her hand, fully expecting to receive the money.

"That’s just it, mademoiselle, I have no money! Work is slow...and I am not qualified to do anything else! Please, I can’t even afford to buy a loaf of bread for dinner! Show some mercy!" Trixi was almost on her knees begging by this time. The old woman looked away in disgust. "Get up and get out!" "Madame please..." Trixi was left face to face with the woman’s door. She let out a sob as she stood to her feet and headed to her apartment. She closed the door behind her and leaned against it for a bit. "What am I going to do? What am I going to..." She stopped and slid down the door until she was crouched against it. She put her head on her knees and would have fallen asleep, had the old woman not come by and knocked roughly against the door. Trixi jumped to her feet and collected her belongings, which were few. She wrapped them into the only other shawl she owned and walked out of her home, not daring to look back for fear that she would burst into tears.

Sadly, Trixi wandered around the streets of Paris for quite some time, not sure of where to go. The apartment she had just been turned out of had been her home for most of her life. The only friends she had were those that she worked with. And all of them were as bad off as she. She thought of the men back at the Cafe but quickly forgot the idea. She hadn’t known them long enough to ask of such a favor. Wearily and weak from lack of sleep and hunger, she wandered around until she came across the bridge she had slept under earlier. This time however, she stayed on the top of the bridge and looked down into the water. She watched it flow downstream and wondered silently how things had gotten so bad. What had she done wrong? She let out a sigh and turned to leave, when suddenly a head appeared next to her. She looked down to see the face of a happy, yet dirty boy looking up at her. "Sorry to interrupt...i was just wonderin’ what was so dang interestin’ about the water? I mean, you were looking at it so close I though to meself, ‘There must be somethin’ hidden that you just ain’t never found before.’ So I came to ask..." He too began to glare at the water.

"Silly boy. Leave me alone! I’ve had a bad day and it can’t possibly get any worse." This tore his attention away from the water.

"What happened?" Normally Trixi would have kept something like this inside but she was much too weary to carry this load any longer.

"Where shall I begin?" She sighed. "This world is very unkind to people such as myself young man. I have had no luck since the age of eight. I had to raise myself on very little to no money. Since the age of fourteen, I could not work, and hardly had money to eat, let alone go to school. So I joined the..." she tried to put it in a way he may better understand. "I joined the woman of the night. Do you understand?" He nodded.

"You became a prostitute." Trixi looked a bit shocked but laughed at the boy’s response.

"Exactly monsieur. And ever since then, that is how I lived. I had an apartment, but recently, my...employer has failed to pay me what I deserve. So as of a few minutes ago, I no longer have a home. I’ve been evicted." She sighed. "I have no where to go." Not wanting to burden the child anymore, she changed the subject. "What about you, young man? Do your parent’s know where you are?"

"Got no parents!"

"Then where do you live?" To this he grinned. "I get by...come on, I’ll show you!" He took Trixi’s hand and began to run through the now crowded streets of Paris. Trixi called to him to slow down, but he couldn’t hear her. Finally, she gave up on trying to find out where they were headed and concentrated on following the gamin.

"Here we are." By now Trixi was a bit out of breath, and very tired. Her hair was a tangled mess but she didn’t bother to fix it. Instead she fell onto the grass surrounding her. "Where’s here?" She looked around, seeing no more in sight than a large, old elephant statue. The paint was wearing off but it still looked magnificent. "This," he said, patting the statue, "is me shack!"

"You live here?" He grinned and nodded, beaming with pride. "Hold on then...I’ve got it!" He climbs up into the statue, while Trixi looked on, utterly confused as to what the child was talking about. A minute later he jumped back out of the statue and placed an oversized hat upon his head. "Come on then!" He took her hand once more and they raced back into town.

"Young man....who are you?"

"The name’s Gavroche!"

"Well then, Gavroche, where is it exactly that you are taking me?"

"You shall see soon enough mademoiselle." With that he started running again. Trixi used up the last of her energy trying to keep up with him. She had thought about refusing to follow, but why bother? It wasn’t as though she had something better to do.

Finally, the pulling stopped, as did the running. Trixi looked around and immediately recognized the Cafe that she had been to earlier. She hadn’t noticed the name before, and failed to do so again. She followed Gavroche inside and they sat together at a table. "Gavroche, what on earth are we doing here?"

"Wait here mademoiselle!" He ran off towards the back of the Cafe. Trixi followed him with her eyes and saw him talking with Enjolras. Her face paled and she turned away, afraid of what the young man might be saying. A minute later, Gavroche returned, with Enjolras following close behind him. "Mademoiselle, this is my friend Enjolras." He smiled. "He has agreed to help you with whatever you need." He grinned again, obviously proud of himself. "As for me, well...i have some business to attend to. Stay here!" With that, the boy ran off, joining those Trixi had met earlier. "Gavroche tells me you’ve been evicted."

"That’s right monsieur. This afternoon..." Trixi was very careful about the information she gave him. She motioned for him to sit, but he stayed standing.

"Is that all you have?" He looked at her shawl, and she nodded, rather embarrassed.

"Yes monsieur, a few things my mother left me before she died."

"No money?"

"None, monsieur."

"Have you no job?"

"Business is slow...factories are full. I’ve looked, but haven’t found anything." Enjolras stood thinking a minute. Finally, he looked as though he had made his mind up about something. "You can stay with me. My home is large, with enough room for at least five people. Currently, I am the only one there. However, my friends often need places to stay so I save them all beds. There is plenty of room. You can stay in my home, atleast until we find you a decent home and job. Then, when you’ve gotten back on you feet, we shall see." The offer brought a smile to Trixi’s face, but she knew deep down she could never accept such an offer. Her face dropped at this thought, and Enjolras saw it. "What’s wrong? Is there something else..."

"No, no that’s not it. It’s just...well, you’ve done so much for me already! I couldn’t ask you to go out of your way for me again. After all...i would be intruding and..."

"No you wouldn’t! Now listen, I wouldn’t have made such an offer if I didn’t mean it." He looks back at the table of men. "I have a meeting to run here shortly. After that I will take you and get you settled into my home. The meeting won’t last too long I assure you. I’ll check on you from time to time." Trixi smiled.

"Monsieur...I appreciate what you are doing. You are very kind."

"Thank you mademoiselle. Now, if you’ll excuse me..." He walked back over to the table he was at before. Trixi leaned back a bit in her chair and let out a sigh of relief. She was really going to be all right. This man would make sure she was well taken care of. Trixi began to think of ways to repay him. Suddenly a man came over and placed a plate of warm food in front of her. "What is this?" The man smiled.

"Compliments of Monsieur Enjolras." The man left and Trixi glanced over to where Enjolras was. To her surprise, he was looking back at her. A moment later the two tore their eyes away from each other. Enjolras went back to planning the revolution, and Trixi went back to her meal.

When she had finished, it was already dark outside. Had she felt up to it, she would already have been out by her usual lamppost waiting for some customers. However, she was far too tired to even bother going out tonight. Not like it mattered, it wasn’t as though she would be paid. She put her plate aside and leaned her head against the wall. She tried to hear what Enjolras was talking about but, being completely across the room from him, it was impossible. Instead she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander to whatever it chose.

CHAPTER 4---Enjolras

The meeting was a huge success. At least fifty men showed up. That’s twice as many that had come last night. Word was definitely getting around. And yet, as excited as he was over the whole revolution, he couldn’t get his mind to concentrate wholely on the preparations. A section of his mind refused to give up its thoughts of Trixi. "Any closing statements?" Enjolras sat down and let the others do the talking for a while. They all, with the exception of Grantaire, had great ideas for Paris’ future. Meanwhile, Enjolras sat in a chair and thought about Trixi. What had made him offer his home to her? Had it been the way she looked? Sitting there, looking like a lost puppy in the middle of the road. No. If he made such offers to woman who looked like that he would have ever poor woman at his doorstep. There was no other explaination, as far as Enjolras was concerned. Courfeyrac had mentioned love. Enjolras laughed at the thought. Love? He barely knew the meaning of the far as loving a woman was concerned! He knew several women but didn’t feel the way he felt about Trixi towards any one of those. There was something that made her stand out from the rest. But what could it have been? "Enjolras! The men are tired, our ideas spoken, come, let’s go home." Enjolras nodded.

"You go on ahead. I have some more business I want to attend to. I’ll talk with you later." The men shook hands and Courfeyrac left. Enjolras walked over to the table where Trixi was seated. "Mademoiselle..." He paused. She had fallen asleep. No one could have missed the look of exhaustion on her face when she first came here. He sighed and picked her up, carefully, so as not to wake her in the process. He carried her to his home.

When they reached it, he carefully placed her into the "guest" bed in the room across from his. He made sure she was well covered and then turned to leave. He took one last look at her before leaving. She had a certain beauty about her when she was sleeping. Much like the beauty she posessed when awake. Enjolras paused. Where had that thought come from? He shrugged it off and left the room. He sat down on his bed and thought for a long time about what was going on. Could it be as Courfeyrac had said? Had he fallen in love with this girl, this woman? "Absurd!" He said this outloud. Not taking anymore time to think about it, he blew out his candle and went to sleep.


Trixi heard noises coming from another room. This, however, was not what woke her. Something else had...a dream of some sort. It had to do with all the revolution talk Enjolras was so interested in. The barricades had been built, and the battles fought. As she watched her dream, she soon became a part in it. She was walking through the streets when she came across the bodies of those who had faught. She ran, horrified, into the Cafe. Running in, she tripped over one of the bodies, she turned to see who’s it was. When she saw it was Enjolras, she had screamed. This was where she woke up.

Now she sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes and stretching. Aside from the dream, last night had been the first time she had slept well. She shivered from the cold and pulled the blankets back around her. She heard footsteps moving throughout the apartment, more than one pair. Apparently one of his friends had stopped by to spend the night. Enjolras had mentioned that yesterday after he offered. Trixi decided it would only be right to get up and perhaps cook some breakfast for Enjolras and his guest. She stepped out of bed and onto the floor. It was cold, but she adjusted fast. She threw the old shawl she had brought with her around her shoulders. Quietly, she stepped out of the room and found Enjolras. His guest however, was no where in sight. Suddenly, another man stepped inside. "Enjolras! Things are heating up! If we wait much longer..." He paused when he noticed Trixi. His eyes widened somewhat before speaking. "Forgive me mademoiselle. My name’s Marius." He took her hand and kissed it. Obviously a gentlemen, Trixi thought.

"Monsieur. My name is Trixi. Enjolras, well, he offered me a home until I could find one of my own." Marius nodded.

"Forgive me for intruding Enjolras. Perhaps another time then?" Trixi could see that Enjolras really wanted to discuss this some more.

"’s all right. I was just going to go for a walk." She laughed when she saw herself in a nearby mirror. "After I straighten up, that is." The other men left and Trixi headed back into the room she had slept in. She quickly fixed her hair and clothes. This time she looked more than decent. Without the loads of makeup, she looked like a lovely lady. Almost a bougeouis, eh Trixi? The thought almost seemed amusing. She finished the final touches and walked back to leave for her walk. When the men saw her, they stood up, with their mouths wide open. "Mademoiselle..." Enjolras looked at her in amazement. She laughed at his loss for words. "You flatter me, Monsieur Enjolras! Now, you too, back to your business. I’ll be out, taking a walk. I won’t be long." The men simply nodded, and watched her leave.


He stood by and watched Trixi leave. He could not believe the change a little touching up could do! He remembered her when she had just woken up, her hair going this way and that, her eyes watering and red from rubbing them. He laughed at the memory. But the woman who just left his apartment was someone entirely different. There was no hair out of place on her head, no makeup though, she didn’t need it. Her eyes were wide and happy for the first time since he had met her. And, miracle upon miracle, she was smiling. Enjolras cleared his throat and turned to Marius. The poor chap’s mouth was hanging wide open and he was practically drooling. "Marius, get ahold of yourself! Now, come on, we have work to do."


Trixi began walking down the street. She took into memory the number of the apartment, so that she would, with some luck, make it back to the same place. The sun was high in the sky and shining down. There were a few clouds in the sky, but they were white and added beauty to the already magestic sky. The wind was blowing just enough to add the cool affect of summer. It brushed her cheek and made her hair flutter a bit. All of this added to the elegance of this new Trixi. What really caught the people’s attention was the radiant smile, which could be seen for miles. F or the first time in her life, Trixi was happy. Not just happy, but ecstatic! She was living with a gentleman of fine caliber and limitless kindness. But that was not what made her happy. There was something much more powerful than that...she was in love. Sometimes this confused Trixi, as she had never known herself to love anyone before. She had grown accustom to the butterflies in her stomach when she even thought of Enjolras. Just thinking the name brought that heavenly smile to her lips. She no longer walked, but floated down the streets. Unable to stay away from him any longer, she turned abruptly, and began her journey back to the apartment.


Unable to concentrate, decided to go for a walk also. In all his life, he could never recall a time when he even talked to a woman, and here he was, thinking about Trixi every minute of the day. Perhaps this was the love that Courfeyrac and Feuilly always say they feel towards their latest mistress. Could it be that, for once in his life, he has actually fallen in love with someone? It made no sense to him, and yet, it was the only logical explaination. He had no idea what to do now. Did she feel the same? How could he tell? What should he say? What should he do!? His mind was racing and he couldn’t think straight. Just when he thought he could get no more confused, fate stepped in and made things a little more difficult for the poor chap.

As Enjolras was walking, he happened upon Trixi. She was more beautiful out in the sunlight than she had been in his apartment. He was about to approach her, but could think of nothing to say. Just then Gavroche happened upon the scene. "Ah, good day Enjolras, what are you up to?" This was not what he needed at a time like this.

"Gamin, go away! I’m busy!"

"Busy? Looks to me like you’re just standing around, watching some gi...Ohhhh I get it!" He laughed a bit. "Don’t tell me you’ve become another Marius? That’s one thing this poor city cannot handle! But, I suppose, all the same, you will need some help with this! After all...I’ve never known you to be the romantic type. But I will help you with that!" He winked. "I learned a few things from
Courfeyrac." He ran over to a nearby cart and picked one of the roses up that the woman was selling. He ran back to Enjolras before the old woman could notice. "Here. Now, go on! Give it to her!" Enjolras took the rose, and nodded nervously.

"Right...just walk up and...What am I doing? I should be at the Cafe, planning the revolution! Not out here romancing a young woman. I can still leave. She hasn’t seen me yet." He turned to leave but stopped upon seeing Gavroche grin. "What is it?"

"It’s too late! She’s seen you, and she’s coming this way! Go to it my good man." With that he ran a bit aways, so as to be unnoticed, while still holding the best seat in the house for this show. "Enjolras?" He turned around again and blushed, hiding the rose behind his back. As Trixi looked at him he scolded himself for acting the way he was. "Mademoiselle, I..." Just then a thorn from the rose dug into his hand from the tight grip he had on it. He cried out a little, and pulled his hand away, accidentally revealing the rose. "Mademoiselle, I...well, here." He handed her the rose and watched as a blush crept over her face. "Monsieur! Why...thank you! What is this for?" He looked at her, as puzzled as she was. He cleared his throat and straightened his stance a bit. "To be completely honest...I’m not sure!" In the distance, they could Gavroche making noises similar to that of a dying man. "What I mean is..." Enjolras tried desperately to explain what he meant and was failing miserably. "Mademoiselle, I do believe it’s time we had a talk."

"Monsieur, talk? What’s the matter? Is it something I’ve done?"

"In a matter of speaking yes." He hadn’t noticed it right away, but he had begun to speak in the harsh voice he often used when he was holding meetings for his revolutions. This voice could make the strongest man cower in fear. He took Trixi’s hand and lead her to the nearest garden. He sat her down on the nearest bench and sat down himself. For a minute there was nothing he could say. He thought out exactly how he could explain to Trixi how he felt about her.


She had seen Enjolras coming, just as she could feel the heat approaching her cheeks. She nervously played with the edges of her dress, waiting to see where he was headed. From where she was standing, she couldn’t see Gavroche, nor could she see the rose. She finally decided to approach Enjolras, seeing that he was apparently standing alone. She had meekly walked over to him, her angelic face full of wonder, her hands stiff at her side.

She had not expected the reaction she received. Usually, Enjolras was strong willed and confident. However, upon her arrival he seemed jumpy and nervous, much like a rabbit out of his hole. When he talked, he often studdered, or lost track of his thoughts. Before when they had talked, he knew the answers almost before she asked the questions. This led her to believe there was something wrong with him. The first thought of hers was that he realized what she did for a living, or used to do anyway. But when he produced the rose, she ruled that idea. Perhaps he is just worried about his revolution...That had to be it! However, when he began to talk in that tone of voice he used at his past meetings, she had to wonder if maybe he was turning her out, and the rose was just his way of making it up to her somehow.

So now, as she sat on the bench, these possibilites, as well as others, rushed through her head. She was a wreck. If he’s going to do it, why doesn’t he just get it over with? "Monsieur, what is it? What have I done to you? Why are you so angry with me?" He looked at her, a little puzzled. "Mademoiselle, I am not angry with you! Please, calm down and I will explain as best I can. You see mademoiselle..." He paused and took her hand, looking off into the air. "I, I don’t understand what’s going on with me. Before I met you, my life was simple. I ate, slept, and drank the revolution that’s now at hand. I went to school, studied, and held those evening meetings. But I am having trouble thinking of anything but you. When I think of the revolution, I now have more to fight for! Mademoiselle, I’ve tried, but I cannot put into words exactly how I feel about you. I’ve never felt like this before, and to be honest, it confuses me. I..." He stopped there, unable to think of the right words to finish his thoughts. Trixi just stared at him, just as confused as Enjolras. Was he trying to tell her what she already felt?

"Monsieur, what is it that you are so afraid to say? Is it love me?" The words were hard to speak for some reason, but at last she got them out. Enjolras didn’t answer right away. Finally he nodded.

"Yes...that’s, exactly what I was trying to say." Trixi’s head snapped up, and she looked at Enjolras. Had she heard correctly? Did this man before her, whom she loved since the night he saved her life, actually feel the same way? Trixi felt her breath leave her and she turned away, for fear that she hadn’t heard correctly. Enjolras took her shoulders and turned her bacl around to face him. "Mademoiselle, I...I have to know. Do do you feel about what I’ve just told you? About what I said, about me?"

"Monsieur," she felt her cheeks grow hot and was a bit embarrassed to admit this. "I have loved you since the evening you saved me from that man. It took me this long to realize just what it was. I have never been in love, what with me being a..." she caught herself just in time.

"You being a what mademoiselle?" Trixi turned away, her eyes filling with tears. If she admitted to him what she really was he would leave her forever. But, if she didn’t, and he found out later, he would never be able to trust her again. Finally, Trixi decided not to tell him. She knew there would be a better time to tell him, not now. Not when they just admitted each other. She would wait to see if it was really meant to be. And if it was, she would tell him. She wiped her eyes and turned back around. "Never mind monsieur. I...I seem to have lost my thought." He laughed.

"I’ve been doing that quite alot lately." They two looked around the garden they were in. Everything was so beautiful. Neither had taken time out of their lives to just sit and watch. "Mademoiselle, perhaps I should take you home? It’s getting late, and look, you’re shivering! Here, take my coat." He put his coat around her shoulders as he had their first night together. He stood and helped her to her feet. She smiled and took his arm. The two of them began walking home. "Monsieur, would you like me to make you something to eat before you’re meeting?" Trixi hadn’t eaten all day, but didn’t want to bother Enjolras about it.

"That’s all right mademoiselle. I’ll find something at the Cafe tonight. This meeting is important...I should get there a little early. I think Courfeyrac has some things he wanted to discuss."

"Oh...all right then." Trixi looked down at the ground as they continued to walk. She could feel Enjolras look at her suddenly.

"Forgive me Trixi..." he stopped walking. "You must be hungry! I forgot you didn’t eat before you went for your walk. Would you like me to stop somewhere before taking you home?" Trixi didn’t want to be a burden to Enjolras. She knew he was busy with his revolution and eager to attack his latest ideas. "No, no that’s all right. I’ll find something later on. I’m not all that hungry anyway." She lied again. That’s two in a row Trixi...This lie wouldn’t do any harm though. She tried to ease her guilty conscious.

"Are you sure?" She nodded. "I’m sorry Trixi. My mind is wandering more and more each day! What with the revolution getting closer...I’ll try to remember things from now on." Trixi hadn’t, until now, realized the seriousness of the upcoming revolution. There was a good chance that many of the men involved would be killed. She tried to push the thought away, but it stayed, nagging, in the back of her mind. She had been too much in love to realize the seriousness of anything lately. By the time she stopped fighting with her mind they had arrived back at his apartment. "You’ll be all right on your own mademoiselle?" She nodded.

"Don’t worry about me Enjolras. I’ll be ok. Maybe I will read one of the books in your collection. I’m rather tired, so I’ll go to bed early tonight."

"If you’re sure...there is food in the cupboards, help yourself. If I remember, I will bring something back from the Cafe after the meeting. I shouldn’t be too late coming home. Good night mademoiselle." "Good night, and thank you, Enjolras." For a moment the two just looked into each others eyes. Then Enjolras squeezed Trixi shoulder and left. Trixi stayed outside and watched Enjolras walk off into the darkness. Then she sighed and went inside. She looked among his collection of books and found one that struck her interest. Resting on her bed, she opened the book. She hadn’t read the first line when thoughts from earlier came back to her.


Walking slowly and silently, Enjolras sighed. What had he gotten himself into? Telling a woman how he felt about her when even he wasn’t sure? He couldn’t understand what had made him finally admit to her how he felt. Maybe it had been her, looking so beautiful in the sunlight? It was that wretched gamin’s fault! Handing me the flower and telling me to give it to her. Just assuming that I was in love with her! I hadn’t even said anything about love! Then again, I didn’t prove him wrong either! "Enjolras?" He looked up, fully expecting to see Courfeyrac or Grantaire. Instead he saw Marius. He shook his head to clear his mind so that he could contemplate whatever question Marius may have. "Yes, Marius? What do you need?" He looked a bit nervous about approaching Enjolras. "Are you...are you all right Enjolras? You seem, I don’t know, confused in some way." Enjolras smiled a bit, another thing he was never known for doing.

"I’m all right. Just thinking about the revolution. It’s close Marius...everyone can feel it!" Marius looked a bit dissatisfied with this answer but accepted it. He nodded in agreement but said no more on the matter. Enjolras had decided on his way to the Cafe that he would not mention his love for Trixi to anyone. If word got around, his friends and those involved with the revolution may become distracted or lose respect for him. Whatever his reasons were, he knew he would keep quiet. He wanted to continue to prove to Marius that it was only the revolution, but he knew that any more talk on the matter would make him even more suspicious than he already was. So Enjolras decided to keep quiet entirely, which is exactly as he is always seen by his friends. Whether it’s love or it isn’t, this revolution will take place.

He walked into the Cafe and sat down at a table in the back, as he had done every night for the past month at least. "Here’s the latest news Enjolras." Courfeyrac handed him several sheets of paper with fact after fact on them. Everything on that paper was everything he already knew. "We need something major to happen. Something that will jolt the people enough to spring into immediate action." He leaned back in his chair to think over the situation while the men around him discussed various subjects.

Suddenly Gavroche ran in. Enjolras took little notice to the boy. He had always distracted the men at previous meetings. And after that afternoon’s incident, Enjolras never wanted to hear the gamin again. Normally, Enjolras may have given Gavroche something to do that would get him away from the Cafe and keep him there for quite some time. However, things were not normal as of late, and therefore Enjolras allowed him to stay. He looked at the boy for a moment, to see to it he wasn’t bother anyone, then went back to thinking. "Listen!" As usual, none of the men took any notice of Gavroche and continued on with their talk. "Listen to me!" A few of the men’s heads turned, but that wasn’t enough for the little gamin. "LISTEN EVERYBODY!" This time, everyone looked to see what Gavroche wanted. Enjolras sighed. This had better be good, gamin! Enjolras sat up to see what exactly Gavroche wanted to say so badly. "General Lamarque is dead!" With this Enjolras jumped from his seat and called to the boy. "Gamin! Come here now!" The boy obeyed and made his way over to the table. "You say Lamarque is dead?" The boy nodded. "When?"

"Just a few minutes ago, Enjolras."


"That’s just it! The devils won’t talk! They all left the building, all silent and everything! Even Madame Sierra’s mouth was shut, and you know how she talks!" Enjolras waved for the boy to be silent.

"Everyone, listen to me." Heads turned to listen to Enjolras. "The boy tells me Lamarque is dead. A tragedy, I know. But it takes a tragedy to prevent a tragedy." He paused and looked to the men to see their reactions. When no one expressed anything, he went on. "His funeral will be the perfect opportunity to act! The people will be furious! They will rise at the chance to avenge Lamarque’s death." He stopped, too excited to speak anymore. He told himself to remain calm and initiated his last order of the night. "Friends, let us go into the streets and promote our cause! We must rally up the support of our fellow men!" With that all the men in the Cafe rose to their feet, cheering wildly. With this order, they streamed out of the doors and into the streets. Enjolras stood and watched until the last man was gone. He grinned madly and finished off a beer before joining his friends in the streets.


It had been some time since Enjolras had left. Trixi had, since then, re read the first line of the book she was holding at least fifty times. At last she gave up, closing the book and replacing it back onto the shelf where she had found it. So ran her fingers over each of the books, then left in search of some food. She reached the cupboard and opened the doors. She wasn’t sure of what she wanted to eat. She still had butterflies from that afternoon in her stomach. Finally, she decided to eat just an apple...knowing that she wouldn’t have the attention span to eat a whole meal. She sat at Enjolras’ table and bit into the apple. All at once, the memories from that morning flooded into her yet again.

She remembered sitting on the bench beside him, listening to him feeble attempt to explain how he felt. Trixi had wanted to do so for such a long time but, like Enjolras, had no ide ahow to do it! She had run through her words in her head over and over, but they never seemed good enough. She smiled as she remembered his words. All at once, she heard screaming in the streets. "What is going on?" She stood to her feet, some what afraid of what was going on in the streets at this time a night. She wished Enjolras was there, in case it were something dangerous. Unable to ignore her curiosity, she stood to her feet and, wrapping her shawl around her, went outside.

She was not surprised to see others doing as she had done. Men, woman and children all cluttered around the doors, some men holding carbines and such. Everyone was looking in one direction or another, trying to distinguish where the noise had come from. By and by, a small group of men would run by, pounding on closed doors, and screaming wildly, "Vive la Republique!" or "Freedom!". When Trixi spotted Gavroche running by, she snatched him to see what was going on. "Gavroche...what in the world is going on? What is all this yelling about?"

"Ah, mademoiselle, Lamarque, is dead." He removed his hat and looked sadly at the ground for a moment or two. Then., hat upon his head again, he grinned. "Enjolras says the time is here! We’re going to fight! Freedom!" He yelled madly and ran off down the street to join the others. Meanwhile, Trixi stood, her thoughts jumbled. "What? Fight?" She put her hand against the door frame to steady herself. "But...why now?" Trixi sighed and, with tears in her eyes, went back inside to wait for Enjolras to return home. " can he do this?" Trixi’s eyes stung with tears as she talked to herself. "How can he leave After he’s..." The tears streamed down her face and she rested her head on the table and cried.


After a long night of rallying, Enjolras was ready to sleep. And, with the barricades being built tomorrow afternoon, he needed all the rest he could get. He was weary as he opened his front door, yet, at the same time, wide awake. He lighted a candle and began to go to his room when he passed the kitchen. He saw a plate of food, still warm, on the table. Immediately his hunger returned and he sat to eat it. He saw a figure leaning against the wall, and turned to see who it was. He shined the light in that direction and the form stepped into it. It was Trixi. "With all this talk of revolution, and with Lamarque’s death, and then the rallying, I knew you would forget to eat. It should still be warm." He nodded and smiled.

"You stayed up waiting for me? And you made dinner?" She nodded.

" I was hoping to discuss my joining the revolution." Enjolras looked up. He saw the expression on her face through the darkness. It showed her determination. He sighed, knowing that it would take alot of his energy to convince her otherwise. "Mademoiselle," he looked at her, and watched as she sat down beside him. "You must try and understand. Our major concern is saving as many lives as we can. I don’t want to risk losing you, or anyone else who may not have to die! Please, try and understand..."

"I have tried, Enjolras. I want to do my part. I am stronger than you may think! I don’t understand why you would..."

"Trixi..." he took her hand and looked into her eyes. "I just found you. I can’t afford to lose you already."

"Nor can I!" He sighed.

"Mademoiselle...i will survive!"

"Are you saying I couldn’t?" He dropped her hand and looked into the air.

"You know that’s not what I mean. But...accidents happen! What would I do without you?" She sighed. "Please...promise me you will stay here tomorrow, where you will be safe?" He could tell she didn’t want to make this promise. "I promise." Enjolras smiled a bit, then leaned across the table and kissed her cheek. Trixi stood and ran to her room. Enjolras sat, tears forming in his eyes. He finished his meal and went to his room to sleep.


Trixi opened her eyes when the sun streamed into her room. She quickly got out of bed at the sound of the drums. She knew that the funeral had begun. She looked out of the window, but couldn’t see past all the people gathered around. She closed the curtains and went into the kitchen and sat at the table. "I promised I would stay here...I have to keep this promise!" Trixi fought with herself for a long time. When she had finished, the funeral procession had passed and she knew that shortly the people would begin the barricades. She was frantic. She had to see Enjolras again...she didn’t want to lose him without at least saying good bye.

Trixi searched through his apartment, trying to find some clothes she could use to hide her appearance. She found a large overcoat, shirt, and pants which she quickly put on. The clothes were three sizes too large for her, but it definitely covered her identity. She looked around once more and found a hat, which was also too large for her. She put it on her head, pulling her long hair underneath it. She looked in the mirror and nodded proudly. He would never guess it was her! She laughed at her cleverness, and headed out the door.

She was surrounded by people! The crowds were still large, making it difficult to get through. She would never find Enjolras in this mass of people! Finally, she made her way through the crowd, and the people became more scattered. She could see the beginnings of a barricade through the spaces between people. Finally, she slipped into a nearby building. She looked around, but there were alot of men around, none of which resembled Enjolras. She did, however, recognized Courfeyrac, who was distributing weapons. She approached him, but waited until the men departed with their guns. "Monsieur," she made her voice as low as possible, so he would not recognize her. "I have a message for your leader, Enjolras." Courfeyrac nodded and pointed to a door towards the back of the house. She went to it, and opened it, just enough for her to see him. He was hard at work, pointing at a piece of paper. He was obviously talking to someone else, but Trixi didn’t dare open the door anymore. A second later, a hand fell onto her shoulder. She turned quickly. It was Monsieur Marius. "Trixi?" She tried to pull the hat down over her face, but it was too late. Marius pulled the hat from her head. His forehead wrinkled in worry. "Mademoiselle, why are you here? Please, leave, before it is too late."

"I, I can’t! I had to see Enjolras again! I didn’t want him to die before I could say goodbye..."

"Mademoiselle, Enjolras is strong. He has vowed to live for your sake, and, believe me, he will. Please..."

"I want to do my part!" Marius shook his head.

"It’s too dangerous...but wait!" He pulled a piece of paper from his coat. "Please...take this to the Rue Plumet, Number Seven. Give it to no one but Cosette." Trixi hesitated. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Enjolras standing to his feet and preparing to leave the back room. Afraid he would see her, she quickly took the letter and ran from the building. She ran through the mass of people and didn’t stop running until she was out of the crowd. She slowed to a jog, and then a walk. She reached into the pocket where she had put the letter to be sure it was still there. She looked around, trying to find the Rue Plumet. Along the way, she saw a man coming down the road. She quickly pulled her hair up and placed the hat back atop her head. She lowered it to cover her face entirely and watched as he approached her. When he was right beside her, she slammed into his shoulder, causing him to look her way. "Pardon me monsieur," she lowered her voice as she had done when talking to Courfeyrac. The old man smiled a bit, saying. "No harm done, no harm done."

"Excuse me, but, could you tell me which of these is Number Seven?" A puzzled expression crossed the man’s face, though Trixi didn’t notice.

"What business do you have with Number Seven?" Trixi became a little nervous.

"You see, monsieur, I have a lettered to be delivered to a Cosette. She lives in Number Seven in the Rue Plumet. It’s from a boy at the barricade sir."

" you have my letter? I was on my way to receive it. Give me that letter here, son."

"He said to give it to none but Cosette." The man sighed.

"You have my word, young man, that Cosette shall read this letter tomorrow. Here," he handed Trixi five francs. "Here is for your trouble. Go careful now, there’s danger lurking in the streets tonight." Trixi nodded a thank you and went back the way she had come. She was in a hurry to get back to the barricade to help.


Everything looked as Enjolras had dreamed it would. The barricades had been completed, guns distributed, spirits high. He took in everything around him. However, his mind wandered frequently to the boy he had seen earlier. He had been discussing plans with Feuilly and had seen, as he was standing to leave, a boy with Marius. The boy had something familiar about him, thoguh Enjolras couldn’t place what it was. He had confronted Marius about it, but he said he had no idea who the boy was. After a while, Enjolras forgot about him and went out to the barricades, carbine loaded, and ready to fight. He thought only once of Trixi. She had been so sad the night before. But just as he had allowed his mind to wander, several men barged into the cafe, looking for answers and orders. Enjolras had been, since then, too busy to think of anything else.

Not shortly after, the battle began. The sound of gunshots echoed through the streets of Paris. The streets were constantly covered with a stench of war and the smoke from the cannons. This had been just as Enjolras had wanted it to be. The barricade was standing tall, with no visible weakness. The man were fighting brilliantly. Enjolras was proud to be the leader of this revolution.

Hours later, darkness settled in. He knew the Guards would not attack now until morning. He advised for the men atleast two hours of sleep. Some took this advice, but most did not. They sat around, laughing and joking as they had before. It was then that Enjolras began to think of Trixi. He had seen how she had wanted to help. He wished he was with her now, and wondered what she was doing. He pictured her now, perfect as she was, possibly sitting at his table. He saw her face and wished he was with her. But he also knew he couldn’t be with her. He had planned this for such a long time. "Enjolras?" He turned to see Marius.

"Marius...everything is perfect...just like we planned!" Marius nodded.

"Perhaps, you should get some sleep Enjolras. They will attack again at dawn, or so they say. Here, I’ll take over out here. You go inside...sleep!" Enjolras nodded and patted Marius on the back. "Thank you." Enjolras went into the Cafe and slept.


Trixi had been wandering around since she had given the letter to that man. She hadn’t wanted to return to the barricades right away. She had listened and no gunshots had been fired. She hoped to return when things were not so calm, so she could easily slip in unnoticed. Now it was approaching dawn, and Trixi knew it was the perfect time to return. She hurried to the barricade. Men were scattered all over, yelling, loading guns, adding to the barricade. Trixi pulled the overcoat around her and lowered her hat again. She saw some glances her way, but none were of recognation. She saw Gavroche searching for something. She decided to see what he was up to. "Gavroche?" He looked up and squinted.


"Shh...quiet! Yes, its me." He laughed and nodded proudly.

"Quite the clever one mademoiselle..." Trixi smiled at his approval.

"Gavroche, what are you doing?"

"Enjolras says ammunition is low. See all those bodies out there?" He pointed to the dead bodies of the National Guards. Trixi nodded. "I’m going out there! They should have extra cartridges..."

"Gavroche! You can’t! It’s too dangerous..what if you’re hurt?" He smiled.

"The smoke should cover me just fine!"

"Well...all the same," she thought for a minute. "I’ll go with you! If the smoke starts to clear, I’ll call to you and you can get out of there!" Trixi was proud of her plan, and relieved that Gavroche approved. "All right then...let’s go!" He took her hand and lead her through a small opening in the barricade. A minute later they were out on the streets. Trixi stayed up against a door, so as not to be seen. Gavroche jumped in and out of doorways, emptying the pockets of all the soldiers. Trixi held her breath each time, watching the smoke as it slowly lifted. When it had lifted enough for the National Guards to have a clear shot at Gavroche, she began to worry. "Gavroche," she whispered. He didn’t hear her, and went on with his pickings. A shot went off, hitting his basket of cartridges. The boy laughed, while picking them up and placing them back into the basket. "Gavroche!" Trixi was getting nervous. Each shot was getting closer and closer to the gamin. Finally, she jumped into the street and pulled Gavroche to safety. Not such an easy task. Bullets struck the ground all around them. Finally, they made it back into the safety of a door way. "Gavroche! Didn’t you hear me calling? God, you could have been killed!" Trixi was panting, while Gavroche was watching for a break in the gunshots so they could get back into the barricade. Finally one came, and he dragged Trixi back inside. She leaned against the door to the cafe, relieved to be safe. "Gavroche if you ever..." she stopped and laughed. Gavroche laughed too, then ran over to Enjolras and handed him the cartridges. Then he ran back to Trixi. "That was somethin’ wasn’t it?" he laughed. "You’re as white as a ghost!" The two laughed as the battle went on.


He had seen Gavroche running out, but it was too late. He hadn’t however, seen the boy hiding in the doorway. When the Guards began shooting at Gavroche, he had turned away. He didn’t want to see the gamin killed. That’s when the boy had runned out and saved him. When he and Gavroche were running back into the barricade, Enjolras had gotten a good glimpse of the boy. He had recognized the clothes as his own and immediately knew it was Trixi. He had held his breathe until the two were definitely safe. Now, with them both in the safety of the barricades, he was furious. "Gavroche! What do you think you were doing? Going out into the streets like that! You could have been killed!" The smile left the boys face and he looked at the ground.

"You, you said we needed more ammunition..I was just trying to help!" Enjolras frowned, but stopped yelling. He knew the boy was sorry he had scared Enjolras, but was still proud of himself. He patted the boy on the head. "Nice job, kid." Gavroche smiled and ran off to help else where. "And you... I can’t believe you came here after you promised to stay away! lied to me! How do you expect me to trust you after this?"

"Enjolras, I couldn’t help it! How could I sit home, not knowing if you were all right? If you were still alive? I had to come..."

" you didn’t! I told you I would be all right! You deliberately lied!" He shook his head. "And I thought I knew you..." He turned and walked away. He was angry with her, but not as angry as he was worried. He knew she thought saving Gavroche had been a thrill. She had no idea how dangerous it could have been! She could have been killed! He sat a top a section in the barricade and reloaded his carbine to calm the anger. He didn’t see the gun pointed directly at him, nor did he hear the shooter cock the gun.


Trixi couldn’t believe how Enjolras had reacted. He was disappointed with her. She had lied to him. What was I thinking? Trixi’s eyes filled with tears as she watched Enjolras angrily walk away. She turned to leave the barricade, knowing she would never see Enjolras again. Just then, something caught her eye. It was a Guard. She saw him steadying his gun, and followed the direction to see who it was pointed at. When she saw he was aiming at Enjolras, she lost her control. Her heart beat faster and her nerves went wild. She couldn’t call out to him, as she would scare the shooter into shooting. Instead she watched as each second Enjolras was closer to death. Suddenly, she had an idea. She pulled the heavy overcoat around her shoulders and ran into the street. She grabbed the end of the gun and pulled it towards her, and away from Enjolras. Just then, the gun went off, going through her hand and her throat. She stumbled backwards, but someone caught her and dragged her into the barricade. "We have a wounded man!" Enjolras ran to where she was. "Monsieur, you..." Just then, they pulled the hat from her head. "Trixi!" He fell down beside her. "Trixi! What are you....why did you..." His eyes filled with tears.

"I...I couldn’t stand by...and die...." Enjolras shook his head.

"’s going to be all right..." He pulled her to him, as her blood covered his clothes. He kissed the top of her head. She coughed, causing blood to flow from the wound in her throat. He stood to get help but she grabbed his coat weakly. " won’t be long..." He sat down again and smoothed her hair. " you...." She smiled weakly and then went limp in Enjolras’s arms.


He held Trixi after she died. He couldn’t believe how she had risked her life for him. "Why....why did you do it?" He began to cry silently. He was confused, and angry. He had to get revenge! His eyes flashed anger and love at the same time. Marius put his hand on Enjolras’s shoulder, but he shrugged it off. He kissed Trixi and then carried her inside the Cafe. He placed her on a table and covered her with a black sheet. He looked at her one last time, and then covered her face. He placed a rose from one of the tables on her and then left the Cafe. " are now in control of this barricade." Enjolras didn’t stop at the plea of Marius. He saw the look of confusion but didn’t stop walking. Enjolras took a flag and a carbine from one of the men and climbed to the top of the barricade. He took the gun, and easily found the man who had killed Trixi. With one shot, he killed the man. Then he threw down the gun and waved the flag, screaming "Vive La Republique!" A minute later, he was shot and killed. The men carried his body into the Cafe and layed him down beside Trixi. They were together, now and forever.


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