Les Miserables
Who Are You?
A poem by Eponine

Who are you?
Are you who I see here before me,
this blurry vision of darkness?
Weren't you different before,
there was something about you,
that just left me without words,
but now you are different,
I do not recognize you,
you have changed.
Who are you?
Are you still who I thought you were?
Are you hiding behind a mask of pretending,
trying to conceal your true self?
Don't you know I can see through you,
I behold all your secrets,
all that you've been hiding
for so long.
Who exactly are you?
Have I been corrupted by your nature,
thinking you were what I thought you were?.....
I thought I knew you,
well I guess I don't,
after all,
you are unpredictable,
and it is your deception that is causing me pain.
we are the same you and I,
in ways no one shall know but us,
you know you can read my mind,
well then why do you mask yourself so?
I don't know who you really are,
but I want to learn,
if I only knew you
the darkness would finally decease,
and we will all live in harmony
with one another.
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