A World of Happiness
By Eponine

How does it feel to be happy?
To have friends
whose names aren’t
and Misery?
To be overjoyed
and have a heart
that’s not broken?
What’s it like?
When will I know?
Right now I am living
in a world of happiness
that I have never known.
Around me is merriment;
within me is suffering.
I cannot stand this any longer.
I cannot hide;
for I will be found.
I cannot run;
for I have no place to go to.
And no prince
on a white horse
will come rescue me now.
I am alone.
I cannot cry
for my tears are frozen in my heart
and so are my dreams.
My hope is shattered
and the pieces are gone.
There is nothing left for me
here in this world of despair.
The world used to be colourfull
but now it is only
red and black.
Red--the blood of angry women
Black--the colour of despair.
Will I ever find
harmony and peace?
What is waiting for me
I shall find out,
but for now,
I can only imagine.
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